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OCT 29

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"SOLAR ENERGY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D..."

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A Greener Middle East?

For obvious reasons, most Westerners don’t view the Middle East as a very green place. Why would oil-producing companies have any interest in de-valuing their most precious resource, right? Turns out, though, that a small yet significant move towards alternative energy is beginning in the region. While it might not become a world industry leader any time soon, the Middle East is playing its part.

Of the region’s renewable resources, solar is clearly its most abundant. As stated in a Forbes article from this past August, “Saudi Arabia [is] the Saudi Arabia of solar”. And it’s not just Saudi Arabia – a company called Solar Technologies FZE is building a thin-film solar factory in Dubai. According to the company’s website, “Solar Technologies FZE seeks to pave way for a true Green Society”. Visionary words indeed. And Masdar, a cleantech initiative which has plans for a UAE eco-city, is building a $250 million thin-film solar factory of its own.

It seems, though, that some have their eye on wind as well. An Egyptian company, El-Sewedy Cables, has recently started a wind power subsidiary while investing heavily into a Spanish wind turbine manufacturing company. A government official from Pakistan also mentioned that his nation planned on producing a gigawatt of wind power in the coming years.

Some point to recent talks about a possible Iran-Russia-Qatar natural gas cartel as one motive for investments such as these. That may be part of the reason. But if I was an oil exporting country, I would be worried about the future. Oil fields won’t last forever, and neither will oil wealth. But if Middle East governments pour that wealth into something renewable, they could stretch it out over many years to come.

Via Greentech Media
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written by MarkR, October 29, 2008

1. they see the wrighting on the wall regarding oil.

2. They are smart and link for you buy viagra online cheap they have all our money now so they can spend unlimited amounts developing the products we crave to get off their oil.

All I know is any product, green or otherwise, from that area should be hit with hefty tariffs. We've got to stop sending them our money.
Not surprising...
written by HankS, October 29, 2008
The dealer is rarely an addict himself.
Good Read
written by greenguru, October 29, 2008
Glad to see a nation with such a large ecological footprint per person taking steps in the right direction. Thanks for the good article!
written by Loosely_coupled, October 30, 2008
Not only will the oil run out, but assuming the long-term prices remain high, why would they want to cheap canadian viagra use it domestically when they can make more money selling it to the consuming countries..
Solar Water
written by Saudi, October 30, 2008

:- We in the Middle East are just waiting for you in the west to make the technologies and buy them from you and as always, we are not invention oriented people, we are trade oriented people, the only things we are good at are selling and buying.

Why it took you so long to make the technologies that would effectively and efficiently desalinate our seas and make our deserts green? We have always been ready to buy them from you! We don’t mind be dependant on you and always.

We are a Super Buying Power! If you want our money really, and think it would be a good idea to keep us reliant on you, here you have the opportunity to exploit.

What you think?
Solar power
written by George Porridge, November 06, 2008
SOLAR ENERGY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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