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AUG 01

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"very cool! A japanese company launched a more innovative version at ww..."

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Solar Powered LED Bricks

bricklightsThe days of the lamp are coming to an end.  LEDs are beginning their march to turn regular things into sources of light.  And the next step in that march of lite up generally dark stuff is the brick!
Sun Bricks are the size of standard modular paver bricks, and can be placed in a walkway alongside ordinary pavers to provide walkway illumination. The brick includes a solar cell to charge two AAA batteries which then provide power to pfizer cialis cheap two LEDs for up to 8 hours of viagra without prescription nighttime lighting. They are completely self-contained and link for you best way to take viagra need no external wiring, so it's a simple fix to add in some solar-powered lighting to any walkway.  Of course, at $59 a piece it's not as cheap a fix as we might hope for.    
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A dim idea.
written by a guest, August 03, 2006
The trouble with this type of solar powered light, is that in the budget cialis winter when you need them, there isn't enough sunlight in the uk to charge them up. So at best all you get is a pitiful glow worm light for a couple of hours.

Rob. smilies/smiley.gif
written by a guest, August 03, 2006
The price is actually per pair
written by Celia, January 12, 2007
Tasteful landscaping for those who can afford it. I would love to have a garden to levitra in canada put these in.
written by Acore, October 16, 2007
We are specialized in producing solar product.Such as solar road stud, solar lamp,solar led brick, solar camping light,and so on.
written by Acore, October 16, 2007
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written by CAdesign, October 25, 2007
very cool! A japanese company launched a more innovative version at - take a look

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