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Video: History and best herbal viagra Future of Solar from Sunpower President

Since I've gotten myself on the subject of Solar Power (thanks to Superman's Selfish concealment of his powers) I'm pleased that everyone with an Internet connection how has access to this 45 minute video from the President and Chief Technology Officer of Sunpower, Dr. Richard Swanson. 
What Superman won't tell us, we're figuring out on our own.  Sunpower makes the most efficient solar cells on earth and their doing it cheaper every year.  While a lot of research has gone into alternative methods for creating solar cells (concentrators and thin films particularly) traditional silicon wafer cells have gotten much cheaper and are completely in control of the solar power market.

Next year, Dr. Swanson proudly proclaims, the solar industry will consume more tons of silicon than the cheap cialis from canada electronics industry.  Considering that creating silicon wafers is cialis india a ridiculously dirty process requiring enormous refineries, he probably shouldn't be so proud.  But it's good to levitra pills see the industry in such good health and growing. 
No matter what he says, though, I'm still voting for thin films and concentrators, just because they use less silicon (or none at all.)  The video is a great history of silicon solar power and tramadol prescribed by vet also gives a good account of where the industry is headed (though possibly somewhat biased, as the guy is the president of the second leading producer of solar cells in the world.)
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