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Subaru Indiana: Zero Waste After Three Years

Subaru's Indiana assembly plant has completed it's third year of producing Outbacks and buy tramadol hydrochloride Forresters and not one single bit of where to purchase viagra trash has left the factory. The Indiana plant was designed to re-use, recycle, or generate energy from 100% of it's waste.

Additionally, the area around the plant is also restored wildlife habitat and many of the vehicles produced at the plant are low-pollution, "partial zero emissions vehicles." That doesn't mean that they're low-carbon though. Subaru is still on professional cialis online the low end of the scale when it comes to vehicle mileage. But we're happy to give credit where it's due.

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Tires to discount cialis Diesel

Plastic is made from oil, unfortunately, it's hard to make oil from plastic. Or, at least, it used to be. Global Resources Corporation has created a special kind of microwave that zaps plastic at very specific wavelengths in order to release the hydrocarbons.

As an example, put a tire into the GRC Hawk-10, and the overnight saturday deliver tramadol machine slowly dribbles out diesel oil. What's left inside the microwave is pure carbon black (which can be sold to tire companies for, y'know, making new tires) and the steel that gives the tires strength.

Put a bundle of insulated wires in, you get oil, and copper (with some dyes and carbon left over.) The process works on anything made of petroleum products, including hard plastic, rubber, foam rubber, even your old polyester pants. The microwave units range in size from a the size of a regular microwave oven to the size of a cement mixer.

Running 9.1 kilograms of buy ultram online without rx ground-up tires through the Hawk-10 produces 4.54 liters of diesel oil, 1.42 cubic meters of combustible gas, 1 kg of steel and 3.40 kg of carbon black.

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