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JUL 22

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"I have to object to the last commenter who seems to be missing the poi..."

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Extending Recycling to Orbit


Restoring and generic cialis for sale reusing existing materials is, as we all know, is far better than having to build something new. Normally, we're talking about doing this kind of thing with fairly ordinary objects. But a proposal to do the same thing with aging satellites could extend the life of current satellites, as well as helping to buy branded levitra reduce the growing amount of space junk found in orbit.

MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) has a plan to develop a satellite service station to recharge and refuel already orbiting satellites. The robotic service unit would be able to replace batteries and add fuel to orbiting satellites that could potentially double or triple their working lifespan. Keeping existing satellites working would save billions of dollars in construction of new equipment.

Most satellites have not been designed with servicing in mind, so the complexities of this system could run into unanticipated obstacles. Only a couple of satellite interceptions, such as would be necessary for this to work, have ever been performed in space. However, MDA is the company behind the technology for the Canadarm robotic arm used on the space shuttles, and such a system would be an important component of any refueling. The company hopes to begin testing systems by 2013.

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Of little relevance
written by Mike, July 23, 2010
There are very few satellites orbiting in space when compared with the number of automobiles and consumer appliances which are down on the planet's surface.

Who really cares if someone can change the express levitra delivery batteries in a 15 year old Acme Soyuz Mk II when there are millions of people without proper nutrition and life prospects.
written by Adam Dally, July 23, 2010
Although this is price of cialis a great idea, are there any efforts to collect the scattered piles of tramadol hydrochloride from canadian pharmacy space junk already floating about?
It does matter
written by computer recycling and disposal, November 23, 2010
I have to object to the last commenter who seems to be missing the point. Space junk results in a more hazardous enviroment for other space equipment, and quite frankly we really need our satellites as without them we would far less efficient (and consequently use more fossil fuels etc).

Better still would be some aproach where space junk was collected, brought to the space station and the best place buy viagra where reused in some way.

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