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MAR 02

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"I often wonder if a two pronged approach would work best. Clear ident..."

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Recycling Robot Sorts Six Types of Plastic

EcoGeeks love robots.  And recycling.  So, what could be better than a robot that helps us recycle?

Osaka University and Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co. have designed a robot with laser-sensing technology that can distinguish six different types of plastic from all other garbage.  The 5-foot 6-inch by 6-foot 9-inch machine identifies the plastic materials by analyzing the reflectivity of five different wavelengths of lasers on the soft viagra garbage.  Once it identifies the material, it sorts the garbage into different piles.

The purpose of the robot is to streamline the recycling process and increase the amount of plastic that gets recycled.  Often confusion about what types of plastic are recyclable versus non-recyclable results in lower recycling rates in Japan, where people have to sort all of levitra 100 their plastics.  With this robot taking care of that sorting, people could more confidently recycle.

Only one prototype robot currently exists and is undergoing testing in Japan.  Smaller versions of the robot are expected to go into production soon and will sell for around $55,000.  With that steep price tag, the robot would probably be better suited for commercial and industrial purposes.  I can't see many people paying that much to have one at home.

via Telegraph


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Is this new?
written by CarterL, March 03, 2010
How is we like it cialis brand name this different than the TiTech Autosort that currently exists?
home use?
written by Andrew, March 03, 2010
first reading this I thought of implementation at an mixed source recycling plant, not home use. As we have been able to see, single source recycling makes it much easier for people to canadian pharmacies recycle and it shows in the participation rates. The problem is the quality of the sorting at the plant and the end quality of the recycled stock. Anything that makes the end product cleaner and 5 mg cialis inherently more valuable is a welcome development.
written by Evan, March 03, 2010
If only people were able to sort wastes by themselves, we wouldn't have to build such expensive pieces of technology.
Thank you for this idea.
written by Reginald Whibbey, June 08, 2010
This technology is only the beginning. We have to start somewhere, and yes this is only the tip of the iceberg. Recycling is going to be very efficient in the near future.
Recycling Plastics
written by computer recycling and disposal, November 23, 2010
I often wonder if a two pronged approach would work best. Clear identification marking of get viagra online the plastic types (stamping numbers etc.), and embedding RF ID chips into the plastics sections themselves (sounds expensive but actually RF ID chips are extrememly cheap and if used this way would get even cheaper).

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