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JUN 23

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"I live in the Caribbean, but on levitra no prescription a recent trip back to the UK, I couldn..."

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San Franciscans Will Have to cheapest viagra in uk Pay Up for Not Recycling

The San Francisco Board of viagra online in uk Supervisors passed an ordinance that makes the city's recycling laws the strictest in the nation.  The new ordinance requires all residences and just try! buy levitra in england businesses in the city to recycle and to compost using color-coded bins.  Those that fail to do so face fines up to $500.  Other cities have mandatory recycling, but San Francisco is the first to enact mandatory composting too.

The ordinance won't go into effect until this fall and fines won't be issued until July 2011 so that all customers have time to adapt to the new laws.  Once the moratorium on fines is lifted, residential and small business customers will face fines of $100 for failure to recycle and compost, while larger businesses can be fined up to $500. Garbage collectors will put tags on containers that haven't been sorted correctly, but won't go through people's garbage to find violators and warnings will be issued before any fines are levied.

San Francisco already has a 72 percent recycling rate - the nation's highest - but Mayor Gavin Newsome wants the city to be waste-free by 2020.  This new law alone could bring their recycling rate up to 90 percent.

via San Francisco Chronicle

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written by wtobias, June 23, 2009
move fine them 1 less taxpayer after a few thousand less people to tax maybe the real cialis city understand they are working for the people not the other way around stand up for yourselves sf
loop hole
written by kballs, June 23, 2009
There is a loop hole. If you bag it up well and put it in the garbage they'll never know you have toxic waste in there let alone recyclables. Garbage collectors can't be bothered to open up and dig through every trash can they pick up.

Also, there are PLENTY of food/merchandise containers out there that they don't accept for recycling. For example: my garbage company accepts PET/PETE plastic soda/water bottles for recycle, but does not accept PET/PETE food containers. What gives? I receive plastic product containers from out of state internet orders that are polystyrene or PVC, polystyrene peanuts, etc. that are not accepted for recycling and click now cialis attorneys can't be legislated out of existence by local laws. That's okay, I just put it in the trash. Food waste? I don't have yard waste service (even if I wanted to deal with storing wet/slimy/unsanitary food scraps in compostable paper bags) so that goes in the trash too. Even in high recycling areas, I'm still surprised to viagra prescription medication see people dumping recyclables in the trash, and trash in the recycle bins... I guess there are some illegal immigrants that sort it all later.

Good luck being 100% waste free.

BTW, landfill gas systems don't work very well unless we throw some organic (food, paper) waste in with the trash... yeah you could recycle the paper and compost the food scraps, but I don't see any methane capture systems at the local compost facilities... so it might not go to a landfill, but the methane is going to the atmosphere instead.
written by no one, June 24, 2009
PET/PETE soda vs. PET/PETE food containers: it is California law that these are to be recycled differently.

I thought San Francisco had single-stream recycling?
written by Fred, June 24, 2009
Great way for the city to make more money. clean up ur act people.
written by Patrick, July 20, 2009
That's great to see the change San Francisco trying to make a difference. I'm not a huge fan of taxing people more than they already are, but if it will get them to recycle and reuse more, I'm all for it.
Interesting but more is needed
written by Jo, January 03, 2010
I live in the Caribbean, but on a recent trip back to the UK, I couldn't believe my eyes. At the local 'tip' or 'dump' - I'm not sure what the word is in US speak, many people just throw out perfectly good articles from their homes because they are bored of them.

The populations of the 'big counties' suffer from terrible greed complex, where they have too much money to canada levitra waste, so buy indiscrimately. (I should know, I'm British and used to do this too).

Not to mention all the packaging that is out there too... We must change on this and find another way to either recycle these objects that are filling our landfills or not buy anything else and just keep them for ourselves. People should be fined for taking perfectly good goods to the dump.

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