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MAY 07

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Apple Offering Schools Free Computer Recycling - For Now

Apple is making recycling electronics easy for schools by offering to recycle old computers for free, but like any great offer, it's limited.

Any K-12 or higher education institutions are eligible to recycle old Macs, PCs and peripherals (keyboards, mice, printers, etc.) from any manufacturer, with no purchase required. The limits are these: a school must have at least 25 pieces of recyclables to participate, they must register by July 31 and pick-up must occur by August 31 and all equipment must be packaged according to the instructions.

Regardless of all the details, this is a great, if temporary, offer from Apple. If you or anyone you know works for a school that would be eligible, please pass on the registration information here. Until electronics companies institute permanent, free recycling for all their products, we'll have to viagra pfizer 50 mg take advantage of opportunities like these while we can.

via Treehugger

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Great idea!
written by McGreenGal, May 07, 2009
I really like the idea of Apple going into our schools and purchase cheapest viagra promoting recycling. It's best to start with children when they are young so that they can follow eco-friendly practices as they get older.
Is the disassembly being done responsibl
written by shek, May 07, 2009
Or are the cheap online generic viagra electronics just being shipped off to third-world countries so that slaves can enjoy the wonders of heavy metal poisoning for five cents an hour?
What next?
written by Alex Pruteanu, May 08, 2009
How is Apple disposing/recycling of all this? I'm with shek up above me; what happens to this stuff after it's picked up. People need to start asking this question, before they rush off to dump their machines.
written by Fred, July 22, 2009
wow shek makes an interesting point

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