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MAR 30

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"what will be the effect if these biodegradable plastics release new ch..."

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Ocean Safe Biodegradable Plastic

Throwing plastic overboard might be an option for ships in the future. At The University of Southern Mississippi, scientists have been studying and creating plastics that degrade in saltwater into nontoxic and natural byproducts within as little as 20 days. 

Ships are currently required by maritime law to levitra from mexico be store plastic waste onboard until they can be emptied at port. Unfortunately, not all plastic waste is properly disposed at port and it ends up in the oceans. By creating different types of biodegradable plastics, the scientists hope to replace all varieties of generic propecia finasteride plastics used on cargo ships and eliminate the problem of plastic ocean waste. 

Ironically, dumping plastic in the oceans will need to be legalized before their product can be legally used. They have some time however since the biodegradable plastics are still in development, as tests need to be done to see if they will degrade in different ocean environments. 


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Changing Chemical Make-up
written by dy, April 10, 2007
I agree that plastic dumping is mail order viagra a problem and I see how this might present a better solution. . . . but I do have a question. If the plastic does degrade into "natural and nontoxic" bi-products how can we be certian that those bi-products would not detrimentally alter the order generic viagra chemical make-up of the ocean waters they become a part of?

Maybe we need to be better enforcers of the laws we already hae to protect that environment.
written by Lisa, May 29, 2007
There is a €36 million, four-year European initiative in place at the moment aimed at encouraging the use of traditional natural based packaging products. Hopefully this will reduce this problem of 'plastic dumping'.
Re: Changing Chemical Makeup
written by Don Brennecke, June 19, 2007
I agree with [ dy, April 10, 2007 ], in terms of being cautious how we might alter that which we would protect. This suggestion is a bit of a leap, I'm sure, but one that seems realistic: Since our bodies are being altered by every chemical produced by the garbage being processed by tuna and other once-edible fish ingesting more of the plastic, believing it to be plankton-food they are meant to cialas canada survive on, and we then in our turn eat the tuna and other fish. Even their waste is no longer biodegradable and only for you levitra by mail is thus mixed with all the whale waste which is now also laden with plastic in varying degrees of digestion, and the buy cialis from china cycle continues, making what is being eaten by humans little better than the material found in the base of a pigsty -- albeit saltier. Small wonder that diabetes (and many other diseases yet to be discovered) is/are on the rapid rise.

Our bodies, whether created by 'intelligent design' or evolution, are certainly no match for these petrol-based pollutants, and our immune systems MUST FAIL eventually, so long as we simply wait and "let George do it" with technology, rather than insisting right now that retailers provide biodegradable containers (yes, it will raise prices, but so will your doctors/hospitals bills increase).

We also must begin bringing our own non-disposable bags to carry home our produce from the stores, saying NO! to "Paper or Plastic? queries." The forests are disappearing too rapidly also, so we shouldn't just trade problems by using more paper.
written by Beneficial Association, November 05, 2007
We all know that is a major problem we're dealing with at this moment. Although I have faith that this project and all the rest that are being developed will do something about it, I don't think that it will manage to solve it in a way or other. Yes, there will be some results, but in time we'll come across other serious problems. I think that the main problem is only now drug levitra the education of people and this could be solved by some other types of project for students and not only. ;) Anyway, good luck with your project :)
written by Narrow boat holidays, December 17, 2007
The plastics are not quite ready for commercialization. More studies are needed to optimize the plastics for various environmental conditions they might encounter, including changes in temperature, humidity and seawater composition, Storey says. There also are legal hurdles to overcome, since international maritime law currently forbids disposal of plastics at sea.
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written by your mom, May 11, 2008
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written by Natur-Tec, August 14, 2008
Dumping of this waste plastic is because they can not be reused any more.So we have to move on to biodegradable plastic materials which can be reused.
questions and worries...
written by student, March 03, 2009
what will be the effect if these biodegradable plastics release new chemicals in place of old could create a worse effect and we like it real viagra without prescription obviously I know you will test it but, like the buy viagra with no prescription biospheres, you cant have the same realistic environment if you create a fake one for tests, and very likely it will create new problems that may be harder to deal with then the original problem.

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