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MAR 27

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"Can the impermeable plastic film be made from recycled grocery bags an..."

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Shrink-Wrapped Trash

The latest innovation in waste disposal is not in converting it into fuel or electricity, but in how the waste is real levitra without a prescription contained and generic uk viagra transported. Currently, steel containers of professional viagra online trash are delivered to landfills via gas guzzling big rigs where sitting waste causes problems such as groundwater pollution. TransLoad America hopes to remedy these problems with a German shrink-wrapping technology.

The technology "compresses tons of garbage into dense cylindrical bales and seals them hermetically in several layers of plastic film," after which TransLoad plans to transport them to landfills through the use of rail lines. This system provides benefits to the environment and reduces cost. Groundwater pollution is prevented by the use of "impermeable plastic" wrap and shipping by rail cuts down on fuel use and emissions. Only 22 tons of waste can be transported through traditional trucks, while a boxcar of bales can hold 100 tons. TransLoad already custom designed and ordered 1,200 rail cars to make the process even more efficient.

With a launch date of early 2008, TransLoad hopes to change the way trash is handled. Aiming even higher, they hope to use future technology to the best site buy kamagra change its landfills into producers of "biofuels, electricity, [and] heat" with its bales as the source.

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How convenient...
written by Remi, March 28, 2007
Maybe they could make a plasma arc gasification unit that would be the perfect size to use big fuel pellets like that for fuel...
written by Billy, March 28, 2007
I believe they talk about that at the source Wired article as a possibility. ;D
written by Courtney, March 28, 2007
Can the impermeable plastic film be made from recycled grocery bags and soda bottles? :D

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