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Toshiba Launches Efficient and buy cialis online australia Non-toxic Notebooks in Asia

The new Toshiba M500 Portege notebook computer has been released in Asia while complying with Europe's Reduction of cialis for woman Hazardous Substances (RoHS) guidelines. This little computer (less than 2 kg), features everything I'd like in a laptop, but for a price that I can't seem to locate. A swappable optical drive, 100 gig harddrive, built in wireless, etc.

There is mention of it's increased efficiency (and thus battery life,) but no numbers on power consumption are given. However, with a 12 inch diagonal screen, the M500 would have a hard time using too much electricity. That 12 inch screen probably has a lot to do with why this computer isn't being sold in the American and European markets, but chances are, the advancements made here will find their way into inexpensive, low power, RoHS compliant laptops from Toshiba for the English speaking world in the near future.

Via ZDNet 
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