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JAN 24

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"Obviously, the landfill gas to energy program is necessary required to..."

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Developing Renewable Energy Resources of Landfill Gas

Landfills are a necessary component of buy ultram er canada contemporary life. According to the US EPA, the average person in the U.S. produces nearly 1,130 pounds (513 kilograms) of waste per year, and the vast majority of that ends up in landfills. Much of that trash decomposes, and releases methane and female herbal viagra CO2, both of which are greenhouse gasses. However, methane is also a gas which can be used as a fuel, and increasingly, landfills are beginning to realize this is an energy resource and are making use of it.

At present, landfill gas is the follow link levitra tablets for sale source of power for more than a million homes and of heat for over three-quarters of a million homes in the US. In addition, it is generic cialis 100mg also provides fuel for natural gas-powered vehicles as well as power and heat for industrial process uses. Nearly 600 sites throughout the country are using the mathane from landfills to produce electricity, heat, proces energy, and even pipeline-quality natural gas and compressed and liquified natural gas for vehicle fuel.

Methane is 20 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas for trapping heat, and landfills are a major source of methane emissions. However, according to the EPA, 60 to 90 percent of the methane produced by a landfill is captured by a typical landfill gas energy project.

Capturing and using the methane from landfills serves the dual purpose of keeping these greenhouse gasses from directly entering the atmosphere and providing an alternative to fossil fuels. These programs have been encouraged through tax credits and grants as well as by the renewable energy portfolio standards many states are adopting for their public utilities.

Even if the professional cialis online volume of waste per capita could be cut significantly, landfills and trash are still going to we choice levitra online in canada be present. As with other materials recycling programs, it only makes sense to tighten the loops and take better advantage of the available resources in ways like this.

image: US EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program

via: Smart Energy Portal

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written by Stephen R. Morbley, January 25, 2012
This is an example of the energy independence that President Obama was referingto. The source of energy is very imense. I won't say unlimited but the availability of the energy source is too much to overlook. One man;s garbage is another man's gold.
written by Ed Reid, January 30, 2012
What makes sense is just try! cialis professional no prescription for more communities to have better recycling programs that include composting.

To have up to 40% of the methane escape is a GHG emission failure.

Well-managed composting facilities do not create methane problems like landfills.

Composting creates healthier soil with more biomass and greater carbon storage.

Composting compost results in a reduced need for petrochemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc., and less GHG emissions from their production supply chain.
owener, center for recycling research
written by Arthur R. Boone, February 03, 2012
This is no solid waste; there are only wasted solids. The writer begins at the end not the beginning. People make waste there is no waste; there are only things we ewither don't know what to do with or which society gives us no useful avenue of approach when we have no further use for the material and want to cheap levitra buy online euro clear out our space. Save us from ecogeek's drivel. ARB
written by electronics recycling, February 07, 2012
what is needed is a means of capture and utilisation of the CO2 emissions - at source.

It's difficult to think what could process the CO2 emissions this way. Clearly passing the canada levitra no prescription gas through greenhouses might be a start, but I am not convinced this alone would be enough. Perhaps a bacterial solution is the way to go ?
written by Fencerdave, February 07, 2012
I am all for recycling, life-cycle production, and 'zero-waste' manufacturing. However, the notion that we must focus exclusively on eliminating waste rather than managing it suggests a level of self-deception that I just can't throw my weight behind. It's this kind of thought (in my opinion) that brings us such silliness as abstinence-only education and cialis dose blanket drug prohibition.

The simple fact is that we can fix the world without scrapping our standard of living. More importantly, we will have to because the public at large is not going to want to make those sacrifices. I am no exception. I know that beef consumption is one of the most environmentally destructive things I could be participating in, but I still chow down on a hamburger or beautiful flank steak now and then because it is delicious.
written by Pest Control Guy, November 05, 2012
Isn't better separation of waste components (ie recycling) not a better way forward?
written by razor, December 09, 2013
Obviously, the landfill gas to energy program is necessary required to solve the current global warming problem. landfill is the best place which is doing great work to solve the landfill problems.

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