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OCT 19

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"What happened to real viagra online without prescription the $3000 fuel cell for residential homes? What fuel..."

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Bloom Boxes Headed to Delaware

Bloom Energy will soon be installing 30 MW-worth of Bloom Boxes in Delaware in what will be the company's largest project yet.

Delaware regulators just approved the plan that calls for a factory to be built for the fuel-cell boxes.  State utility Delmarva Power will raise a large portion of the funds required to finance the project by adding a $1.34-per-month surcharge to its customers' bills.  That surcharge will add up to about $100 million over the the best pharmacy store next 20 years.

The state is no prescription dhl delivered tramadol also offering $18 million in incentives and generic cialis next day delivery the project hopes to receive federal grants as well.

Bloom Energy has already found customers in Google, eBay, Adobe, AT&T and through pilot projects with utilities PG&E, Southern California Edison and Tennessee's EPB, but none of these projects come close to buying viagra without a prescription the Delaware deal that could grow to as much as 50 MW.

Beyond a cleaner source of energy, the project will bring Delaware 900 new jobs at the factory and $300 million in annual economic activity.

via Greentech Media


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Why doesn't anyone know about Bloom.
written by David, October 21, 2011
It's like a huge secret. I'm amazed that Delaware has heard about it. I hope it's a raging success.

Bloom not quite as efficient as modern CCGT plants
written by DaveR, October 28, 2011
It appears that Bloom boxes are not quite as efficient as a modern CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) plant.

Bloom specs a box at 0.661 MMBtu of natural gas to produce 100 kWh. This comes to an operating efficiency of about 50%.

But modern combined cycle gas plants are now up to around 60% efficiency levels - so Bloom has some work to do.

The main benefit is that Bloom boxes are small and modular - kind of tough to site a CCGT plant next to buy cialis delived next day your office building.
written by Richard Romfh, October 28, 2011
I've been following Bloom Energy's progress over several years and am surprised that states haven't mandated it for every new factory and subdivision. High heat, one of its byproducts, could be harnessed to make steam to run turbines that could generate even more power. This low-polluting energy source could also be used to power electric trains.
No accessible waste heat in Bloom Boxes
written by Jeannette, October 28, 2011
While many Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) do have a high heat byproduct, Bloom Boxes do not. They say this is what makes their system more efficient than other SOFC's (because they reuse that waste heat within the Bloom Box system) but it seems like that is also a missed opportunity.
written by Kate, April 27, 2012
What happened to the $3000 fuel cell for residential homes? What fuel source would it need to run?
Any thoughts about communities and developments that are powered by them?

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