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"With the get viagra prescription now data centre being cooled by the local environment, a warm sum..."

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Iceland Getting World's First Zero-Carbon Data Center

A new pre-fab data center will soon be heading to Iceland where it will become the world's first to achieve zero carbon status.  The IT company Colt will build the center's 37 components and tramadol legal status then ship them off to Iceland where they will be assembled.

The ability for this data center to operate without carbon emissions has everything to viagra without prescription online do with its placement in Iceland.  The center will be powered exclusively by geothermal and hydroelectric sources and cooling will be taken care of by using the cold Iceland air.

The 500 square meter facility will only take four months to complete.  It will contain the servers of cialis line order UK data hosting company Verne.  The facility will be able to supply 100 MW of computer load at any time and the capacity will be expanded as demand grows.

via Guardian

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Lets hope the world doesn't warm too quickly
written by IT disposals, October 03, 2011
With the data centre being cooled by the local environment, a warm summer could put pay to thousands of websites.smilies/grin.gif. Sorry, sounded funny in my head (really should have stayed there!). However, on a more argumentative side, surely the carbon cost of building and shipping in the data centre will result in a carbon Footprint, even before it gets off the ground!

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