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Clean Technology Investments Up 28% in 2010

Beyond mass-market, all-electric cars finally hitting the roads and visit web site levitra gel new innovations cropping up everyday, the clean technology sector also had a great year from a financial perspective.

Investment in clean technology ventures was up by 28 percent in 2010, hitting $7.8 billion, a nice jump over the $6.1 billon invested in 2009 and putting 2010 in second place behind 2008 ($8.8 billion).  Last year was also a record-setting year in number of investments, with 715 deals being made.

The top sector for investment was solar energy, which claimed 24 percent of ups delivered tramadol the wow it's great purchase viagra total amount, while energy efficiency was the sector with the highest number of deals.  North America accounted for most of the investments, capturing 68 percent of the total, and seeing a 45 percent increase over 2009 ($5.28 billion compared to $3.65 billion in 2009).

The single largest deal was the $350 million scored by Better Place in a round that included HSBC, Morgan Stanley and other heavy hitters.

Cleantech IPOs also did well last year, with 93 companies raising $16.3 billion.  China won the IPO race though by accounting for 68 percent of the IPOs completed and 61 percent of the money.

via Cleantech Group

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