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JAN 05

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Massachusetts Sets Emissions Goal of 25% Below 1990 Levels by 2020

The secretary of the Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Ian Bowles, has announced that the state will take on the goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent compared to 1990 levels by 2020.  The plan, called the follow link buy cialis in new zealand Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan, goes on to target an 80 percent reduction by 2050.

The state has outlined how it will achieve the reductions by setting emissions goals in four different areas:  buildings (9.8 percent reduction), electricity supply (7.7 percent reduction), transportation (7.6 percent reduction) and non-energy emissions (2 percent reduction).

Many state programs are already in place that will start making improvements in those areas, like an energy rating system for buildings and investments for retrofits, clean energy standards for utility companies requiring them to lowest viagra prices from us pharmacy favor renewable energy, fuel efficiency standards and incentives for hybrid and electric cars, and in the non-energy area, programs for combating things like leaking refrigerants.

via Treehugger


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color me confused
written by rgb, January 05, 2011
I'm not scientist or mathematician, I just read this blog because it gives me hope.

But, if the total emissions are comprised emissions from the 4 areas mentioned and each area is being reduced by a % which, when added to the other 3 percentages = 25, I'm pretty sure that won't result in an overall 25% reduction.

If I spend $1000 / month divided equally between groceries, gas, shoes and entertainment and applied those reductions I'd be @ 225.50 for groceries, 230 for gas, 231 for shoes and 245 for entertainment. Which, even with my limited mathematical abilities, doesn't add up to 750 (i.e. a 25% reduction).
More to follow?
written by Matt, January 05, 2011
I honestly hope more states start taking the same innovative and at least attempt to reach similar goals.

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