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DEC 07

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"Why cant we all be responsible for our own power? I use PV photovoltai..."

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New Mexico Regulators Approve Emissions Cap

New Mexico's Environment Improvement Board voted in favor of a petition from an environmental group to cap greenhouse gas emissions.  The new regulation would require large polluters like coal-fired power plants and best propecia refineries to reduce emissions by 3 percent per year from 2010 levels.

The plan, developed by the group New Energy Economy, applies to electricity generators and other facilities in the state that emit at least 25,000 metric tons of CO2 per year and will go into effect in 2013.  It took two years of negotiations and faced lots of opposition from industry groups before finally getting approved.

The plan does allow for offsets and banking of emissions credits, as well as an "off ramp" provision if businesses can prove that the rules would be detrimental to their viability.

The state also recently approved a cap-and-trade program for the same set of polluters.

via Huffington Post

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There is a better way to impose caps
written by Adam, December 08, 2010
Each household can be allocated a fixed amount of best and cheapest viagra pills energy with which they can choose to use in any way, i.e. for heating, lighting, electronic appliances, transportation etc.

When the household reaches its allocation, power is then reduced by 90% and it is then priced at premium rates.

The only cost is the brand viagra professional installation of new meter boxes with the automatic power reduction facility. The premium rate revenue will provide a boost to the power generating companies, buffering them from the revenue shock of reduced power use.

This is a win-win. A win for the consumer because they getting to save the planet and learn how manage energy efficiency issues and a win for the power generation companies since they can now delay expansion plans.
Bring Down Fossil Fuel
written by Bil L, December 16, 2010
Why cant we all be responsible for our own power? I use PV photovoltaic, we all can adapt somehow ,if i lived close to flowing water i would have gone with micro hydro There is micro wind power,Think of the $'s saved over a lifetime.. And yes there are large applications for manufacturing facilities..

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