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MAY 12

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"I'm interested to see how this product develops, it seems to have an a..."

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Super-Insulator Aerogel Could Also Clean Up Oil Spills

Aerogel, the amazing material that is 37 times better than fiberglass as insulation, could also be the perfect tool for cleaning up oil spills.  The downside is canada levitra prescription that Aerogel isn't ready for the large-scale production necessary to help with the current oil disaster.

The material is incredibly low density - it's mostly air - so it has the capacity to absorb a lot of oil.  The maker of Aerogel, AeroClay, is beginning testing on an Aerogel sponge that could be made to soak up either water or oil.  By modifying the levitra professional overnight delivery polymers that keep the material from collapsing, scientists can program the sponge to absorb different liquids or particles.  Aerogel has been used by NASA in the past to capture comet dust.

In the case of an oil spill, the sponge could be used like a dish sponge to clean oil off birds or rocks, or, even better, be deployed to keep oil from ever reaching the shore.

Although we hope that a major oil spill like the one in the Gulf of Mexico never happens again, it's good to know that technology is being developed to make us better prepared if it does.

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Aerogel capacity
written by James Pidhurney, May 14, 2010
Though I agree with you on the block form of aerogel not being ready for mass distribution/use, Cabot Corporation has a particulate aerogel called Nanogel(about 1-4mm in size) that is produced in large quantities, and is an extremely effective oil absorbent. In our lab tests it captured about 10X its weight in oil, and since it's hydrophobic it stays on the waters surface collecting oil as it passes.

Probably not good for scrubbing animals/rocks, but a very efficient way to collect both thin and order generic cialis thick layers of indian generic viagra floating oil.
written by Charlotte Roofing Contractor, February 09, 2012
This Aerogel product seems to be groundbreaking, I would rather use it for insulating purposes but my concern is its ability to effect of cialis on women absorb moisture which can be its downfall................
The possibilities
written by Oil tester, July 06, 2012
I'm interested to see how this product develops, it seems to have an almost endless range of possibilities.

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