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FEB 08

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"I really like the articles from the 70's when are best scientists were..."

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Federal Climate Change Agency Being Formed

A new federal agency charged with reporting on climate change is being formed.  The National Oceanic and cialis for order from canada Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will set up the Climate Service using members of viagra generic canada the National Weather Service and other NOAA offices.

Climate operations have been spred out among NOAA offices, but with more and more requests pouring in for information concerning climate change, officials decided to combine those efforts into one main office.  The Climate Service will be headquartered in Washington, D.C. with six regional directors elsewhere in the country.

The agency will still have to be approved by congressional committee, but if it clears all necessary hurdles, it should be up and running by the good choice when will cialis be available as a generic end of the year.

via Huffington Post

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written by Shaun, February 08, 2010
It is more than a little ironic that this is viagra 20 announced on a day that the Federal Government in Washington DC is closed due to a historic massive snowfall.
As if we didn't know how bad it already is?
written by heard it too many times, February 08, 2010
It sounds like another lame idea reverberating from the Bush era. Can we get on with fixing things already? Pretty please. Well educated, and the curious have been aware of our eco-system destruction for a few decade, and are tired of hearing excuses, especially coming from Washington. Sign the damn Kyoto treaty already, and prepare to price cialis do better than the set standard if you want REAL improvement. The technology is there, but the capitalist addiction to money(aka greed) has taken a tool on life on Earth.
Just What We Need
written by JoeNY, February 09, 2010
Just what we need, to make the federal government larger and hire some more people to watch climate change. When will we learn the levitra online buy the government isn't working for us and making it larger only costs us taxpayers gobs of money. They will read the favorite studies of the administration in charge and provide partisan coverage. Great..
Well it's something
written by Yonofoco, February 17, 2010
It's not what I would have done, but at least it looks like something. Hope this new department has meaningful action instead of just more bloated government with only symbolism.
borrow, and waste, more money
written by Dave, February 19, 2010
I really like the articles from the 70's when are best scientists were worried about global cooling. "global warming" has proven to be the inverse of cheap cialis online that nonsense, just a way to tax all of us more. "The capitalist addiction to money(aka greed)" is the only reason the "technology" you are so proud of even exists. And it is the only reason that tecnology continues to evolve.

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