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FEB 04

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A Safe Way to Dispose of BPA-Containing Plastics

The media coverage of the health dangers of BPA has really reached a fever-pitch these days and, thanks to that coverage, many companies are removing it from their products.  While that is wonderful, there are still many BPA-containing plastics out there and levitra in uk 2.7 million tons of it being made every year.  How do we make sure all that plastic is disposed of the best place cheapest viagra online safely?

Scientists have come up with a way that they believe decomposes polycarbonate plastic without releasing BPA.  The scientists, Mukesh Doble and Trishul Artham, pretreated polycarbonate with ultraviolet light and heat and then exposed it to viagra fast shipping three types of fungi known for their pollutant remidiation abilities.

After 12 months, the pretreated plastic had substantially decomposed without releasing any BPA, while the control plastic that was not pretreated before being exposed to the fungi showed almost no decomposition.

via Science Daily



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written by Isaac, February 05, 2010
Congratulations to the good scientists for breeding up a new fungus to eat the bad plastic. But.....

I wonder, have these people really found a way of disposing of BPA or have they succeeded in shifting it somewhere else?

The fungi are not going to sit around metabolizing BPA all day without undergoing some changes. They are going to evolve and mutate as result of this new chemical driver. These unwitting 'scientists' could be triggering the development of a dangerous mutant strain of fungus which could cripple the world's plastics and petrochemical industries.

We have to look at the risks and benefits of best way to order cialis use viagra applied science. In this case we have the benefit of an organism which can eat BPA plastics. On the risk side, this organism could escape and become established in super colonies inside plastics factories and petro chemical plants. What would happen to female cialis pills world trade and commerce if were not able to manufacture plastics?

You can see that the risk is simply to great. We must apply the precautionary algorithm and find another solution to the BPA problem.

written by sarah, February 07, 2010
its ok! life existed before plastic. If necessary, we can do it again smilies/cheesy.gif. My life might be better if I couldn't buy plastic with plastic.

last I checked mutant bacteria didn;t plan melicious attacks. Sure people could... but they do that with or without the evil plastic eating bacteria.

by the way, did the study look into a control group of the plastic itself just exposed to the light? they tried just fungus but not just light... what made them want to first bath it in light and heat?
the plastics matrix
written by Manuel, February 08, 2010

This should not be an excuse to keep poisoning our world. BPA, a powerful endocrine disruptor linked to cancer, infertility, diabetes and heart diseas is already in 93% or americans and in 100% or newborn children!

Learn more:
written by Karen, February 11, 2010
I got excited about this news as I'm trying to figure out what to do with my canned tomatoes but my excitement was short lived as I found out that this story was adapted from the cheap next day tramadol American Chemical Society. Of course, they are going to say, they found an eco-friendly way to dispose BPA to cover their behind. I wouldn't trust any studies funded or produced by any organization having to do with chemical society or plastic society. Let an independent researcher come up with a solution.

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