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NOV 16

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"How 'bout those leaked emails between "scientists?" Thoughts?..."

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Action on Climate Change Delayed: Copenhagen Won't be Binding, Congress Won't Pass Bill This Year

As reports have indicated for the past several weeks, a binding agreement won't be reached in Copenhagen this December.  Leaders attending the low price levitra Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation this past weekend met and decided that the Copenhagen conference would be used to come up with an interim "politically" binding agreement and to set a date and time for a legally binding one sometime next year.

The goal of cutting global emissions by 50 percent by 2050 has been scrapped and instead a 2007 goal of reducing energy intensity - emissions per unit of economic output - by 25 percent by 2030 is being restated, but again, it won't be binding.

A big reason for the push back is Congress's inaction on a climate change bill this year.  Without a clear commitment from the U.S. to cut emissions, other countries are hesitant to make any pledges of their own.  In the past few days, members of Congress have said a decision on a climate bill won't happen before the first half of tramadol no prescription required 2010.

For those of us who were keeping our hopes up for a significant agreement to come out of Copenhagen and for a climate bill this year, this news is incredibly disappointing.  One positive thing to hold onto is that the administration seems determined to make some progress even while Congress falters, most notably with the EPA gearing up to female viagra pharmaceutical regulate greenhouse emissions starting in 2011.

via NY Times

Image via APEC Singapore 2009


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To say I was shocked would be surpriseing
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, November 17, 2009
Congress seems to always be slow to react when it comes to issues like these. Then again it is to no surprise either that there isn't any agreement on the table.
Global Action needs to pressue US
written by Noan Fesnoux, November 17, 2009
The US is taking their position as Superpower to heart. Saying that since the US will not do buy cheap generic cialis it, other countries won't is also a bit of a way of wiggling out of it without looking bad. A serious global initiative would make legally binding targets with economic sanctions against countries that do not agree to the how much cialis terms. That way, there would a reason for Congress to get a move on!
Action on Climate Change Delayed:
written by Climatarians, November 18, 2009
It is indeed disappointing when the government drags its foot and delays decisions. Every single country faces this problem in one form or another. Let us hope that people in power move things faster so that a decisive decision can be taken on these important matters. At Climatarians, our global sustainability directory, we bring people together who are interested in environmental issues.
Canada's cowardly claim
written by sheleftmalfoy, November 18, 2009
I am ashamed to say that Canada ia also using the "if other countries don't do it there's no point for us to do it" claim. I had to sit through a speach by Tony Clement, minister of industry, talk about how Canada needs to be and can benefit from being a "leader" but will only sign on if China and cialis 20 mg India do also. I think that Canada and the US need to act now in order to buy viagra at a discount not become even farther behind, let alone "ahead". We have the highest per capita GHG emissions and our technology is levitra sample so inefficient, it can't compete with Japanese cars or European products.
written by Jamie Spitzer, November 19, 2009
It is important we not focus on our frustration, but what we can do. The government may not be ready to commit to change, but we are, so let us start there instead of bemoaning their hesitance.
The meeting is not going to achieve anything
written by Gekkor, November 20, 2009
I don't understand what all the fuss is about. That silly meeting in Copenhagen is going to achieve nothing. Whatever agreements are made there are going to be only political grandstanding.

If manmade global warming is really underway, there is no way that we can now do anything about it except to declare war on our enemies.

Obama still has a window of cheapest levitra opportunity to invade China now before China pollutes the entire planet. It would be cheaper to invade China than to buy cialis online cialis spend countless more trillions of dollars supporting the levitra online canada no prescription broken domestic economy. After China is soundly defeated and depopulated the land itself can be used as a carbon sink by way of planting billions of trees.

This is canadian generic cialis online the only scientific solution to the problem of global warming.
Are we really surprised?
written by Fr. Peter, November 20, 2009
Let’s face facts; the government of any major power that decides to implement real and effective environmental emissions controls is scared that it will soon be out of office.

Either it will take a great deal of courage for the major powers to act, or it will take a national environmental disaster that will wake the masses of that nation up to the environmental danger that is actually looking them in the eyes.

Any bets on what will come first???
Governments Dragging Feet, But Private Sector and Companies Moving Ahead
written by Kyriaki (Sandy) Venetis, November 22, 2009
I agree that the governments in major industrialized countries aren’t will to commit to significant changes-particularly the U.S., Canada, Ukraine, and Russia, if you want to the European Unions list of most resistant parties. I wrote a recent article about this called ‘Major Industrialized Nations Criticized for Setting Weak Emissions Reductions Goals.’
Members of the European Parliament highlighted the following concerns:
Industry lobbies watering down the agreements.
America’s position regarding emissions reduction commitments.
Agreements possibly favoring non-European businesses by allowing the transfer of technologies toward developing countries.
The private sector will have to take a more active role in persuading company-by-company to buy ultram next day delivery lower their emissions. Some progress is being made on lowest price for viagra this front. I wrote another article entitled ‘United Nations Going Public with Industry Pollution Info. From Around the World.’
As of October 8, 2009, 36 governments signed the United Nations The Protocol on Pollutants Release and Transfer Register. The Protocol’s goal is to provide a “mechanism to increase corporate accountability, reduce pollution, and promote sustainable development.” It is expected to be done, in part, by enhancing public access to information through the creation of registers in accordance with the Protocol. The article has links to the registers of 20 countries that have already gone online.

‘Major Industrialized Nations Criticized for Setting Weak Emissions Reductions Goals’ can be read at:

‘United Nations Going Public with Industry Pollution Info. From Around the World’ can be read at:
Could failure be the only route to success?
written by Nick Buxton, November 26, 2009
It is of course disappointing that political leaders consistently fail to address the on line cialis climate crisis, but I wonder if it is disappointing if this particular summit fails when it is still so locked into a framework of Cap and Trade that is so patently failing to deliver carbon reductions. I really recommend a new booklet - Carbon Trading - How it works and why it fails - by Transnational Institute that is the best I have read on how carbon trading is failing and with its various schemes (CDM, ETS) often leads to dispossession and human rights abuses in the process. We clearly need a new framework which may mean going back to the drawing board rather than a summit that just delivers more of viagra cheapest online sellers the same. The link for the report is
Global Warming emails
written by Andrew Gross, December 04, 2009
How 'bout those leaked emails between "scientists?" Thoughts?

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