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AUG 11

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"Dear Gareth Powell, I like your post, but you said "China has no infra..."

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China's Super-Ambitious High-Speed Rail Plans

China's economic stimulus package contains provisions for a $300 billion high-speed rail project that makes California's $10 billion high-speed rail plan look down-right wimpy.  The country plans to have 16,000 miles of new track in place by 2020!

The first phase will see five major routes constructed with trains traveling up to 217 - 236 mph.  The trains from Beijing to Shanghai will travel at top speeds of 220 mph, making the trip in four hours.  Then, by 2012, 6,800 miles of track will be added, including 35 lines where trains travel 125 mph or more, and 4,350 more miles will be added by 2020.

Even more intense is the amount of people who will be employed by this massive project.  Construction of the Beijing to Shanghai phase alone has already seen the employment of click now canadianpharmacy 110,000 people.

There's no denying there's a sort of rail boom going on in China.  Rail travel has seen a 10.9 percent increase in ridership  since 2007 and the country spent $44 billion on rail projects last year alone.  I can't help but think we need to catch some of their ambition.

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Vulnerable to cheap viagra generic terrorists?, Low-rated comment [Show]
it's possible
written by shek, August 11, 2009
you could also be struck by lightning, both are about as likely.
re: terrorists
written by looselycoupled, August 11, 2009
seriously? Terrorists? Are you paranoid? Both terrorism and buy levitra overnight high speed rail has existed all over the cheap quality viagra world for decades and is hardly a new phenomenon.

There will ALWAYS be plenty of targets for terrorists. You don't defeat terrorism by destroying the freedom and progress in your country. You defeat terrorism by removing the incentive to become one, and correcting the situations that lead to such deep-rooted anger and hatred of other people. I'll leave the discussion of that for another time...
written by Gareth Powell, August 12, 2009
Missing the point here a bit. China has no infrastructure of highways such as connect the towns and cities of levitra generic brand the US. So it is either railways or aircraft. Railways are fast, clean, efficient. Yes, they could be struck by terrorists but, then, so can most things.
What is not getting across is usefull link free cialis how serious China is about cutting down on get levitra in canada emissions.
Some facts which may surprise you, and totally stagger me.
There are now more than ten times as many electric bicycles in China as there are motor vehicles.
A new electric car will do about 300 miles on one charge. Most new cars being designed in China are driven by electricity.
Wind power is being very, very seriously used. By 2012 it will supply about a quarter of China's power needs.
Beijing and Shanghai will, within three years, each have a larger tube -- underground train - system than London.
Sure there is still terrible pollution -- although Beijing is much improved. And there are a lot of other things that need changing as well. But China has achieved in a few decades what it has taken most other countries over a century to achieve. If you were marking its report card you would have to give a very high score for effort.

Gareth Powell
written by Liz, August 12, 2009
Were in Shanghai right now. In addition to high speed rail plans, China is almost doubling this city's subway system in time for the generic levitra india world's fair this spring. The construction noise is unbearable. I'd like to visit after the expo to see if the construction is completed.
written by Liz, August 12, 2009
In addition to railway lines. China is almost doubling Shanghai's subway system before the world's fair next spring. The construction noise is unbearable.
written by Bob Wallace, August 12, 2009
China closed down over 7,000 of its dirtiest coal/electricity plants recently.

And they are way ahead of schedule for installing wind turbines. Way ahead.
written by Silent Spring, August 13, 2009
Looks like china are creating a more sustainable infrastructure one that would put less pressure on the environment.
China has no infrastructure of highways?
written by London, August 19, 2009
Dear Gareth Powell, I like your post, but you said "China has no infrastructure of highways" which is canadian pharmacies nexium viagra terribly wrong.

According to wikipedia (

The Expressway Network of the People's Republic of China is one of the longest in the world. The network is also known as National Trunk Highway System (NTHS). The total length of we recommend buy viagra canada China's expressways is 60,300 km at the end of 2008,[1][2][3] the world's second longest only after the United States and roughly equals that in Canada, Germany, and France combined. In 2008, 6,433 km expressways were added to the generic levitra mexico network.

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