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JAN 29

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"However, be sure to read there strict guidelines for recycling the CFL..."

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Recycle Your CFLs for Free

It seems we've devoted quite a bit of attention to CFLs lately, but here's some news that addresses the number one complaint people have about CFLs: the mercury content. If CFLs aren't properly disposed of, they could leak mercury into landfills, and so far there haven't been many solutions offered. Here to help is the Green Action Project, an initiative that is offering free CFL recycling for non-profit and cialis online us]non generic cialis community organizations, charities, schools and events.

All any group has to do levitra free pills is prove a need for CFL recycling and agree to use their service to viagra best buy promote environmental awareness and the initiative will provide a ComPak CFL Recycling Center. The ComPak is an environmentally safe container where CFL bulbs can be disposed. Once the container is full - it can hold up to 180 bulbs - the user attaches the cialis dosage included FedEx return label and ships it to the recycling center.

According to the project's website, some Whole Foods stores in the Northeast have begun CFL recycling. For this to be effective, every community needs to have an organizaton or store that keeps the containers on hand so that people always have a place to recycle their bulbs. While I know that people still have other concerns about CFLs, this idea could take care of one of the major issues, at least until LEDs take over.

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Home Depot stores accept old CFLs too
written by Fred, January 30, 2009
Where I shop, they have a bin+bags unit right near the front door.
Good idea...
written by Doc Rings, January 30, 2009
I agree with Fred, that the best recycling will occur where the people tend to visit the most: retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot and Lowes. Including those four stores on their list would cover about 80% of middle-class America (those most likely to buy/use/recycle CFL's)
Home Depot Does....
written by Michael, February 01, 2009
However, be sure to read there strict guidelines for recycling the CFL bulbs! You have to use a supplied bag(free) on the side of the box at the store, twisty tie the bag closed then deposit into the box, if it's done any other way the mercury gases will harm you and the next person(s) that come in contact within the buy cheapest cialis area if the CFL breaks. This is very dangerous so, do as the instructions say !!!

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