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The Next Generation of Rechargeable Batteries


You might have noticed that whenever we at EcoGeek talk about a product that is battery powered we mention, nay recommend, nay demand rechargeables. There are few reasons not to use rechargeables. Each one holds within in the power to be used hundreds of times and, thus, the power to replace hundreds of alkalines that would have normally been purchased and then thrown away. Batteries contain nasty stuff, so we need to use as few as possible.
But rechargeables do have one or two disadvantages. First, they don't hold quite as much charge as an Alkaline.  Or, if they do, they don't after a while of using them. Second, when purchased, they must be charged before use.  Which, I admit, can be annoying. 

Well,  that simply isn't the case anymore. Hybrio batteries are a new kind of order chinese viagra NiMH battery that has an extremely low self discharge rate and can hold more charge than a regular alkaline battery. The come and AA and AAA and, amazingly, aren't really that expensive. You can buy them in the UK now for about $13 for four, and they'll be available in the US soon.   Best of all, you don't have to get a new charger, your old NiMH charger will work just fine.  You do have an NiMH charger...don't you?




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NiCad Chargers Work Too (?)
written by Matt, September 12, 2006
My NiCad charger works fine for recharging NiMH batteries, though I'm not absolutely positive it's recommended. Who knows, maybe it doesn't charge as well, or shortens the life, or something. But it seems to cialis sale usa work fine.
written by Hank, September 12, 2006
I know my NiMH charger says "DO NOT USE WITH ANY OTHER KIND OF BATTERY OR I WILL EXPLODE AND THEN STEAL YOUR FIRST BORN SON" right on the side of it. I don't know whether to believe it or not, but I'm cool having two chargers...just in case
Look good.
written by rob, September 13, 2006
If they are as good as they claim it should be useful, as the main problem with my Ni-Cads is cialis vs levitra that they tend to turn into duds, fairly regularly. (When I run out, I will try a Hybrio)

Incidentally, if you live in the UK, the Hybrio chargers and batteries are stocked at Wilkinsons and you can use the charger for charging Ni-Cad and NiMH batteries as well. (I read the packaging this afternoon)
It's a shame that you can only charge two cells at a time though.
Hybrio batteries
written by Sonia, November 17, 2006
You an use your Hybrio batteries in any battery charger and you can also charge any NiMH or NiCd rechargeable batteries in your Hybrio battery chager. I got the Uniross HYbrio X-Press 300 which charges four AA or AAA batteries at a time
very good prce and service too!

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