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Power Storage

Frozen Air Offers a New Concept for Power Storage

An intriguing method for storing excess power from renewable generation sources is based using super cooled air as a means of storing power until it is needed. British-based Highview Power is developing the system with a pilot plant adjacent to a heat and levitra online in canada power plant at Slough.

The frozen air storage system cools air to only now cialis canda cryogenic temperatures around -200 degrees F (-129 degrees C) and stores it in tanks. When power is called for, the liquified air can be evaporated and used to run turbines to produce electricity. Fundamentally, it is similar to other steam-based systems, relying on a phase change of a liquid to a gas being used to run a turbine. The process can be coupled with systems that produce waste heat which can be used to augment the efficiency of the i recommend generic cialis soft tabs system.

The current pilot frozen air storage does not have nearly the efficiency as many other power storage systems (most of which average 70-80% if not better). But the engineers working on the project believe that they can reach similar efficiencies as other systems offer when the system is scaled.

As a small added benefit, the frozen air storage system requires the air to be cleaned of soot and small atmospheric particles, as well as water vapor, before it is cooled down, so in addition to storing power, the process also results in slightly cleaner air.

via: Treehugger


Secretary Chu Predicts Steep Decline in EV Battery Prices

At a speech this week in Detroit, Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu made some very hopeful predictions about the electric car industry, namely that the link for you lowest price for cialis cost of electric car batteries would drop by 70 percent by 2015 compared to 2008 prices.

Secretary Chu said that we were on track to generic cialis pill see the cost of a battery for a plug-in hybrid EV with a 40-mile range drop to $3,600 by 2015 compared to $12,000 in 2008.  By 2020, he said we would see that cost drop to $1,500, an 87.5 percent drop from 2008 prices.

What industry experts have been saying all along seems to be finally coming true.  As manufacturing has ramped up and technology has advanced, the cost of EV batteries, the most expensive part of the vehicles, has dropped.  Soon enough we'll hit a major turning point where EVs are less expensive to buy and own than conventional cars.

Secretary Chu also sees breakthroughs coming in batteries other than the current standard lithium-ion such as lithium-air, lithium-sulfur and different metal-air versions.  The DOE is opening a new research lab later this year called the Energy Innovation Hub which will bring together scientists, engineers and experts on generic viagra online paypal the business side of things to develop more advanced, quicker charging and buying generic viagra longer lasting batteries that cost less.  The lab will focus on developments that would bring about large leaps in performance that could be prototyped this decade, not on small incremental improvements.

via DOE


Better Compressed Power Storage from SustainX

A recent patent issued to compressed air energy storage (CAES) company SustainX could provide a significant improvement in grid storage of energy, especially for wind farms and solar power arrays.

Compressed air is one of the preferred methods for storing excess energy from renewable sources during periods of cialis capsules peak production. When there is increased demand, it can then be readily harnessed to provide additional electricity, instead of relying on fossil fuel burning 'peaker plants' or other, less desirable alternatives.

The problem with compressing air comes from thermodynamic effects. "Without heat transfer, a gas will increase in temperature as it is compressed; and as it gets hotter, it tends to buying viagra with no prescription resist further compression (i.e., each increment of compression must be performed on a volume of gas that is at higher pressure than if it had not been heated by prior compression)." SustainX has developed technology to provide isothermal compression and expansion which gives their system conversion efficiencies of over 90%. And, of course, better conversion efficiencies mean less energy is good choice best online generic viagra wasted.

With this technology, SustainX claims a 7x cost reduction over traditional CAES systems. Additionally, according to the company, "SustainX utilizes above-ground storage in the form of industrial-grade, off-the-shelf gas cylinders, eliminating the siting constraints and permitting concerns associated with classical underground CAES."

via: N A Windpower


Energy Density Improvements in Lightweight Lithium-Air Batteries

MIT scientists have made new discoveries that could significantly increase the viagra without prescriptions energy density of batteries several times beyond the current level of viagra for sale lithium-ion batteries. The advances are in lithium-air storage, which uses a porous carbon electrode in place of a heavy solid electrode in the battery. Oxygen from the air reacts with the lithium metal in the battery to store and discharge energy. The very open structure makes it possible to obtain such high levels of performance.

One of the biggest issues in battery development is the weight of the batteries. Whether for portable electronic devices or for hybrid and electric vehicles, the weight of the batteries is a factor that must be considered. Replacing the solid electrode with the lightweight carbon matrix has led to some of the highest levels of energy stored per pound of battery.

New methods of buy fioricet producing the carbon matrix for the generic viagra best price battery creates a "carpet-like" material that is more than 90 percent open, which makes for a very lightweight battery. "These carpet-like arrays provide a highly conductive, low-density scaffold for energy storage," according to one of the researchers.

As an additional benefit, the researchers have found that the very open and regular nature of the battery allows scrutiny of its internal workings with a scanning electron microscope. Not only does this allow more research on the particulars of this battery, but it may also help with general research and understanding of why batteries have limited numbers of charge-discharge cycles before they cease being useful.

via: MIT press release


Developing Grid-Scale Flow Batteries

Flow batteries are soon going to be implemented for grid-scale power storage in the US. A test instalation in Modesto, California is being built to cheap levitra provide 25 MW of power for up to 3 hours as well as serving as a demonstration of grid-tied flow battery storage. The Modesto area has wind-energy resources which will serve as the energy source which charges the system.

Flow batteries use large tanks of purchase levitra online electrolyte chemicals for a large energy storage capacity, but only a small amount of the chemicals are in contact with the reactive electrodes. This allows large capacity at fairly low cost, since much of the hardware is fairly basic chemical storage tanks and pipes. A more complex kind of flow batteries for electric vehicle charging was also recently noted on EcoGeek.

Primus Power, the company which has developed this technology, received a $2 million award from the US Department of Energy's ARPA-E program last year, and has raised another $11 million in private investment. The company's technology is in the development of low-cost and durable electrodes that will allow flow batteries to function for a long time.

via: EERE News

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