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Power Storage

NREL Says Power Grid Can Handle Large Increase in Renewable Energy

One of the rx generic viagra major issues facing the growth of renewable energy is figuring out how it will be transmitted and what kind of infrastructure changes will have to be made to accomodate it.  NREL has good news for us.  It turns out that the existing grid is ready to take on lots more wind and solar energy with little changes necessary.

A new study by NREL found that the nation's power grid is able to handle a large increase in renewable energy, but there will have to be operational and organization changes.

The study looked at the benefits and challenges of having wind and solar energy make up 35 percent of follow link viagra professional 100 mg energy capacity by 2017.  The study used the WestConnect group of utilites as a testing ground (they cover the mountain and southwest states) and found that it was possible for that group, with existing transmission networks, to achieve a 30 percent wind energy and 5 percent solar energy portfolio.

The study found that expanding coordination of power delivery to a larger geographic area, and doing so more frequently (as wind and solar conditions changed), reduced the need for back-up energy generation (like from natural gas) and new transmission.  Also, wind and solar forecasts would become essential for utility operations.

NREL found that if the viagra professional no prescription WestConnect utilities generated 27 percent of their electricity from wind and solar, carbon emissions would be lowered by as much as 45 percent.  Fuel and emissions costs would fall by 40 percent.

via NREL


Gravel Batteries Offer a Solution for Renewable Energy Storage


One of the most frequent objections to renewable energy systems is that their production is just try! buy cialis online no prescription too variable. But technologies continue to be developed that will allow storage of power generated from wind, solar, and other intermittent renewable sources. The latest development comes from researchers at Isentropic in Cambridge, England who propose giant batteries filled with gravel and online viagra uk argon gas. These batteries would provide a number advantages over pumped hydro, which is presently used for almost all electricity storage today, as well as over underground compressed air storage.

The gravel battery system would use excess capacity generated by a renewable source to heat and pressurize the argon gas and then pump it through a gravel filled silo to store energy. Then, when demand calls for electricity, the system is simply operated in reverse to generate electricity. According to the company, the system's "round trip efficiency is over 72% - 80%." This is comparable to levitra online no prescription the efficiency of pumped storage hydro, which has an efficiency of 70 - 85%. But gravel batteries are much more compact, and can be more readily installed in relatively flat areas characteristic of many areas with good windpower potential, such as the American Great Plains. A gravel battery can use far less land (1/300th) than that required for a pumped hydro lake, as well.

Underground compressed air storage is another technology that has been suggested, but that requires the presence of underground caverns, which are not always present where you might want to put a power storage facility. In addition to being able to be located anywhere, gravel batteries could be relatively inexpensive because they do not need costly materials. Costs could be as low as $55/kWh, and $10/kWh at scale for large installations.

via: Worldchanging


Energizer Installing Trojan Malware With Battery Charger

Energizer's DUO Charger is a battery charger for NiMH (nickel metal hydride) rechargable batteries. (This isn't the same as USB batteries that have a built-in USB port on the batteries themselves.) Energizer provided a nice little desktop app for computers so that the user could see the charge status of their batteries along with the viagra without rx charger. We're not sure what the point of this is, really. I mean, is the indicator light on the charger not enough for you?

Unfortunately, that app included a Trojan that would compromise security and open a back door for unauthorized access on cost of cialis Windows machines. The trojan allows files to be sent and executed on your machine without your permission. There are alerts about this from both the computer security company Symantec as well as from US-CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team). Energizer has an advisory notice on their site where the software was downloaded from.

Only users with Windows computers who downloaded the software are at risk; there is recommended site online pharmacies noting in the battery charger hardware itself that threatens computers. If you have installed this software, which you would have had to seek out and download separately, you need to uninstall it to prevent it from putting your computer system at risk.

[Edit to viagra shipped overnight add: It's pretty clear that Energizer was not a willing party to this.  They have stopped providing the viagra buy now software for download and put out the announcement about the problem.  They also note they are "currently working with both CERT and U.S. government officials to
understand how the code was inserted in the software."]

My advice, never install software for a piece of hardware that obviously doesn't need it. Battery chargers should charge batteries, there's no reason to make that relationship more complicated.

Link: Energizer advisory (PDF)


California Considers Mandated Grid Storage


Legislators in California have introduced a bill that would require electric utilities to provide grid-scale energy storage in their operations. The bill would call for a capacity of 2.25% of daytime peak demand by 2014 and 5% of peak demand by 2020.

A variety of technologies could be included in the mix to provide grid energy storage, including pumped storage hydro, compressed air storage, utility-scale batteries, and flywheel storage systems.

This may have the indirect effect of encouraging the utilities to promote efficiency measures and to encourage load shifting, in order to lower the amount of storage that would be required.

via: Building Energy Performance Info

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Many Uses for Super Charge Ion Batteries


We've seen Toshiba's SCiB (super-charge ion batteries) before at last summer's Consumer Electronics Show, where they were providing the power storage for a battery-assisted bike. SCiB batteries are useful for a wide range of click here generic viagra sale functions, from electric bicycles and hybrid and electric vehicles, to industrial equipment and renewable energy storage. Toshiba has now opened a US-based technical support center to tramadol best buy aid in developing the levitra on women SCiB, particularly for vehicles, grid storage, and wind and solar power applications.

The SCiB has characteristics that make it very appealing. It performs like an ultracapacitor with rapid charge times, reaching 90% charge in about 5 minutes. It is good for thousands of cycles without extensive capacity loss, and it has a life span of 10 years or more. And, of potentially particular interest for vehicle manufacturers, it is able to perform even at low temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit).

The SCiB batteries are based on lithium chemistry, as are many other batteries currently in use. However, according to Toshiba, in addition to the other beneficial features the SCiB offers, they also have an internal structure which helps prevent short circuits and avoid "thermal runaway" even if they do develop a short circuit.

Link: Toshiba

via: NA Windpower

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