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Quick Battery Testing Could Lead to Better Batteries Sooner

A new battery-testing technique developed by scientists at Dalhousie University is click here viagra for cheap able to quickly determine deficiencies in new battery technology, meaning researchers can identify and fix problems and develop better batteries faster.

This new testing equipment very accurately measures the coulombic efficiency of batteries.  Researchers measure the difference between the best prices for viagra amount of charge that went into the battery and the amount that comes out, even small differences in those amounts signal reactions in the battery that lead to viagra generic us a shortened life span.

Typically these losses in charge aren't detected until after months of testing, but the new technique can detect very small losses within weeks.  The scientists have already used the battery testing to identify and correct small changes in chemistry that have multiplied battery lifespan by up to six times.

With batteries now expected to power cars for anywhere from 10 to 20 years, this new testing will help get the best batteries in electric vehicles more quickly.

via Treehugger


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