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AUG 03

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"Lithium batteries are basically non hazardous, can be recycled, and la..."

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Sanyo Factory Will Make 1 Million Lithium Ion Cells Per Month

Sanyo's new battery factory located in Kasai city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan will make lithium-ion battery packs for electric vehicles.  While that's nothing special, the factory's starting production capacity is.  The factory will make one million lithium ion cells per month, with production expanding if demand increases.

Sanyo already has partnerships with Volkswagen and Suzuki to supply lithium ion battery packs for their hybrid and plug-in vehicles, but that list could soon include Ford, Honda and PSA Peugeot Citroen as well since Sanyo already provides NiMH batteries for those auto makers.

Sanyo appears to be making great strides toward its goal of capturing 40 percent of levitra femele the rechargable battery market by 2020.

I'm hoping this new factory is an indicator of scaling up in electric vehicle production in general.  As the vehicles and their parts become more mass produced, the costs will go down and the likelihood of more people buying them will go up.

via Autoblog Green


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Great News!
written by Gladys, August 04, 2010
The more batteries are made the faster we move forward towards a world with electric cars only-The planet will rejoice when all is said and done-Great post
written by Ariel Irene, August 05, 2010
Yes! That is so awesome smilies/smiley.gif I agree with you in the hopes that the costs will go down, cuz it would really be amazing if my first car was electric or a hybrid ^.^
written by Tim, August 06, 2010
The planet does not 'rejoice' about anything. Do you really think that manufacturing huge numbers of lithium batteries is going to help the planet? This is delusional, consumerist thinking.

The only conceivable thing which will help the planet is for a deadly plague that wipes most of humanity out. This is the only real hope in the midst of unsustainable population growth. Population growth is at the root of all the current troubles. Battery powered motor vehicles, blue blinken LEDs and solar cells are going to do nothing except entertain the mindless in the brief period before food supplies go critical.

written by Linda Sullivan, August 06, 2010
Lithium ion batteries are still chemical batteries. Disposal should be taken into consideration
Disposal not an issue
written by John, September 08, 2010
Lithium batteries are basically non hazardous, can be recycled, and last a very long time.

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