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NOV 28

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"I can't help but think of IBM and the PC. Didn't they develop a pathe..."

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Exxon Develops Battery For Electric Cars. Wait...WHAT!?

Just in case the world was beginning to canada levitra online seem too simple for you, Exxon has just begun mass-marketing a new kind of lithium ion battery specifically designed for use in hybrids and electric vehicles.

The batery is very similar to regular lithium ion batteries found in consumer electronics today, but the indian levitra membrane that separates the cathode from the anode is thinner and stronger. This allows the battery to charge faster and hold more power per unit of weight, while also making the battery safer in the event of an accident.

A chemical division of buy cialis low price Exxon, Tonen Chemical Corporation, is already mass producing the membrane. And Exxon says that they will be perfect for electric vehicles and hybrids. I've only found one story about the cialis blood thinner technology that doesn't read like a press release, so I don't have much to go on in the way of actual data.

It will be interesting to see how these batteries stand up to the ones that GM is producing for its Volt electric vehicle. We've already seen those things pierced by a nail...with absolutely none of the fireworks we expect to see from Li-ion batteries.

But the really interesting thing is that Exxon is even working on this. Skeptics will say that there's no way Exxon would want to legal cialis compete with the petroleum-based economy. But I think Exxon sees that there isn't much more growth to be had, and that they need to diversify. This is viagra soft tabs canada like the record companies embracing'd be good for them, if they could bring themselves to do it.

Indeed, a spokesperson from Exxon told the Houston Chronicle, "Clearly, hybrid and electric vehicles are going to play a role in the future, and we want to be a part of that." Well, as far as I'm concerned, welcome to the fray...but don't pretend like you're on top of the game, Exxon. Your new membrane is nice, but you're still miles behind others on chemistry. If you want to survive the pills store buy levitra next century, you're going to have to wean yourself off oil...and I'm looking forward to buy levitra professional watching you try.

Via Houston Chronicle, CleanTech and Exxon

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is it safe?
written by johnisman, November 28, 2007
will that battery make explosion? just as the notebook battery problem?
Call me a cynic....
written by Gavin D. J. Harper, November 28, 2007
Call me a cynic, but I wonder how many battery technologies have been bought up and 'sat' on by the big oil suppliers?

Energy is beginning to get scary - take away public money, and no private financiers on this side of the moon want to put their dough anywhere near nuclear power, oil looks scarily short in supply... and renewables... well, they make SO much sense the world is beginning to turn to the fact they are the only sensible option.

I wonder how many enabling-technologies we will see start to come out of the woodwork - any energy companies sitting on old patents for technology that will save the world, better start capitalising on the quickly - because at the speed of best price for levitra current innovation; they'll all soon be outdated!
written by EV, November 29, 2007
Exxon isn't in the oil industry, they are in the Energy Industry. They don't care how they make money so long as they do. This is why you see them investing in various forms of energy, not just oil.
GM's batteries
written by Queeg, November 29, 2007
"It will be interesting to see how these batteries stand up to the ones that GM is producing for its Volt electric vehicle"

I believe GM is using batteries from A123 Sytems (the sponsors of the Killacycle) as opposed to producing their own.
written by Ryan, November 30, 2007
Exxon is in the money making industry and cialis samples in canada electronics are a competitive market without huge profit margins compared to fossil fuels.

Don't trust them to point the way towards making us not dependent on spending a big part of our budget on it's great! generic viagra canada energy products. Trust them to redirect and buy up those that are trying to buy cialis soft c o d find the way.
Where's the profit...
written by Keith_Indy, November 30, 2007
Well, not mentioned here, but in the various press releases, is that the membrane is made of...


Which can made from...


So, this may just be a natural part of researching where they can use their product to create profit.

And if it leads to better, safer batteries, all the better for the environment.
I think its just PR
written by Dax Desai, December 22, 2007
I just blogged about Chevron and their suprression/control of battery tech that could have hobbyists driving 200-300 mile EV's. I think this is just PR.
Destroy from Within, how to kill electri
written by Allen Meece, December 28, 2007
If you, as a corporation, hate something which is good and popular, the best way to nullify that thing is to pretend that you like it!
Then you join the forces advancing that hateful thing and disrupt those forces from within. That's more effective than ignoring progress or fighting progress from without.
Big oil does NOT like battery-powered cars. When Exxon says it's hopping on the electric band wagon, you'd better circle those wagons and KEEP Exxon OUT!
written by Guy Perrault, February 09, 2008
As has been mentioned before, Exxon is now in a postion to buy up patents relative to battery technology. In the seventies, when solar saw sunnier days, oil companies bought the rights to any and all significant patents. The result: solar technology was squelched for decades. Exxon's strategy will be no different here. By now being the the battery business, they have positioned themselves to claim patents and develop such technologies slowly. Very slowly.
written by alex ziady, February 15, 2008
I read that Chevron owns the patent for the NiMh battery
How to buy battery of electric cars?
written by Nguyen Vu tan, March 14, 2008

We going to orders electric cars, but we do not known the price and where we can buy the battery of elec-cars.Would you like to give us information?

Exxon was better without Mobil
written by Pontiff, May 15, 2008
it is written
The reason you are hearing so much about
written by Denali, May 24, 2008
The reason you are hearing so much about this now is viagra sales online because a company has already started making LI batteries for cars in China. They are rated to drive a car several hundred Kilometers and even a bus for a couple hundred K, and recharge in 10 minutes. They are using nano-technology to make a supporting structure than can take the stress. Same advantages as these batteries.
written by jack marchand, July 07, 2008
Tell Daimler-Benz to check this site;
written by jack marchand, July 07, 2008
July 07, 2008
My suggestions for EVs and its infrastructure originated way back in the 1970s check this site
Its time for less in the old days..let's roll..!!! er'' glide..!!! check dates back
to the 1960s

All the best...Jack Marchand

written by Sean, March 30, 2009
"Exxon is in the money making industry and electronics are a competitive market without huge profit margins compared to fossil fuels."

While it is amusing when people pull numbers & ideas out of thin air, oil production has a generally moderate to buy now online cialis low profit margin, certainly lower than consumer electronics in general. Last I checked the viagra online in usa oil industry at large hovers around 10%... Microsoft, on the other hand as a software company, hovers around 90%.

Further, I wanted to mention that *plastics* are not exclusively a "petroleum" product, but rather are made from all sorts of oils, including those synthesized from renewable sources like corn & soybeans.

And while I'm tackling all the other silliness on here, to the cynic up at the top, go check snopes...
written by hark, June 25, 2009
I can't help but think of IBM and the PC. Didn't they develop a pathetic little computer hoping to ward off serious competition to their mid-size computers coming up from the low end?

Kind of like setting backfires.

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