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SEP 04

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"I heard about the container ship making passage thru the Artic several..."

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First Container Ship Crossing the Northern Passage

For the past few years, the Arctic has been sufficiently ice-free in the summertime that some ships have been able to follow link buy real levitra take the short-cut routes across the cheap cialis pills North Sea Route and the Northwest Passage. Last year, among others, a small sailboat with a crew of 3 made the Northwest Passage. This year, a 19,000 ton Chinese cargo container carrier is traveling to Amsterdam via the Arctic, going north and traveling along the northern coast of Russia, rather than down through the Indian Ocean and through the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean. This marks the first time that a container ship is traveling through the Arctic.

The shorter trip will mean lower fuel costs (and, ironically, fewer greenhouse gas emissions) for the levitra from canada freighter. Taking this route is expected to save 12 to 15 days of travel and shortens the trip by roughly 7,000 kilometers (4,350 miles).

While this is news now, it is all too likely that this will go from a unique occurrence to an ordinary annual event within a few years.

image: CC BY-SA 3.0 by Brocken Inaglory/Wikimedia Commons

hat tip: @jr_carpenter via @GreatDismal

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written by Sam, September 04, 2013
At least there's one upside to the unavoidable catastrophe. (Good-bye polar bears...)
polar bears
written by sarah, September 05, 2013
yes what a terror
written by Gaspar, September 08, 2013
I look forward to this passage become heavily utilised since it will benefit consumers by reducing the costs of imported goods.
written by Bob, September 27, 2013
One change I'd like to see is for policy to be occasionally driven by something other than what benefits consumers. Consumers who refuse to change their habits are a bit part of our problem, and always thinking about what benefits them is cialis cost not the direction we should be going. As Sam suggests, there is an upside to this, but it's the lower fuel consumption and resulting lower greenhouse gas emissions, not the lower costs to consumers.
Not al that it seems to be.
written by John, September 27, 2013
I heard about the container ship making passage thru the Artic several months ago. If I remember the story it did NOT make it entirely thru the Artic without the assistance of an Ice Breaker.
There was also another group of about a dozen small boats including a passenger cruise ship that was turned away Because the pfizer cialis Ice passage was closing back up. The Northern Ice passage has now closed entirely do to an early return of winter ice, in fact the Scientists who keep track of the artic Ice say it broke a record by returning weeks earlier than expected. smilies/kiss.gif

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