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JAN 12

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"increasing the temperature is online viagra prescriptions a phenomenon that is observed throughout..."

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Temperature Extremes In Both Hemispheres

Recently, there have been a couple of extreme climate effects noted. Record high temperatures have made the news on two continents in the northern and cialis without perscription southern hemispheres.

In the United States, to the surprise of no one who experienced it, 2012 was the hottest year on record by more than a degree, with hundreds of look there buy viagra professional new temperature records set throughout the year. The average national temperature was a full degree higher than the previous record. A degree of temperature may not seem like much, but when talking about an average over a year, that's a huge spike. "Normally, records are broken by a tenth of a degree or so."

And, in Australia, recent temperatures have gotten so hot that the Bureau of Meteorology has had to add new colors to those it uses on its interactive weather forecasting chart. Until now, the temperature maps have gone up to 50 degrees C (122 F), but that hasn't been enough for recent high temperatures. Now, the new scale extends to 54 C (129 F).

via: @drgrist and NPR

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written by Gilbert, January 15, 2013
In Australia's case, it is divine retribution for its hypocrisy. Australia is, in absolute terms, one the world's worst emitters of carbon. Australia, supplies China, Japan and India with coal.
LOL at Gilbert
written by IJustKnowStuff, January 15, 2013
Because, they wouldn't get the coal from somewhere else? Doesn't Australia have a huge ozone depletion/hole over their country as well due to canada viagra generic the fact 70% percent of Australia is desert/semi-arid?

Let's not get started on hypocrisy or else we'll have to have a list of all the other countries in the world.

But yes it does seem they did recently have the highest per capital carbon output. Not arguing that fact. But remember the click now pfizer viagra uk Australian population is one of buy levitra on the internet the smallest in comparison to other western countries, so it's easier to have a higher per capita number.

Still think we need a valid energy source alternative....can't believe as a human race we haven't been able to produce one yet (actually I can with the way commercialization works)....if only Nikola Tesla were alive today smilies/sad.gif
written by Gilbert, January 17, 2013
Australia is one of the highest emitters of carbon in ABSOLUTE terms due to the fact that it is exporting carbon in the form of coal. As well, Australia has high per capita emissions.

As for the ozone depletion hole, this has nothing to do with aridity, it is a result of the accumulation of fluorocarbon molecules in the atmosphere which is caused by the release of fluorocarbon gasses from spray cans, automative air conditioning gas etc.

Nikola Tesla was an engineer, not a magician. He didn't invent any new form of energy, but did invent AC motors. I find it very funny how the ignorami of the internet hold Tesla up as some kind of god.
written by Nik, January 20, 2013
I might be wrong about this but I thought that Australia was classed as one of the highest emitters of carbon due to bush fires?? Carbon resulting from the massive annual fires divided by a small (~20m) population gives a poor per capita result. Pretty harsh to blame them for that. Can't take statistics at face value you know...
never mind tesla what about Dirac
written by Peter, January 31, 2013
Try reading DL Hotson dirac and the sea of order viagra online canada negative energy before anyone says there is no kind of new energy.
written by Lara Machado, April 05, 2013
increasing the temperature is a phenomenon that is observed throughout the world. The planet has always gone through this temperature rise along the years, but the human action is cheap onlin viagra in usa making it worse. Global warming and local warming, the emission of greenhouse gases (such as CFCs), gases from burning fuels, deforestation, increased globalization and many others are global problems and each person must collaborate to reduce these problems.

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