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Borders and buy levitra in europe Sony Partner for Ebooks

{mosimage}Sony's new eBook reader (called the Sony Reader ) will be sold, not at Best Buy, but at Borders . We can all look forward to brand levitra for sale informational displays at Borders, Waldenbooks and Books etc. stores across America. No word yet on other countries. The book stores will also be selling electronic books (though it seems odd that we'd have to drive to a bookstore to buy something we could just download anyway).

In any case, this relationship marks the first real effort to get eBooks into the American mainstream. Trees everywhere should wait to heave their relief until we see how well they sell. But I'm gung ho, I already own one of these pretty E-Ink eBooks, and I can't understand why the rest of the world doesn't yet. (except that, yes, I had to order it from Japan and all of the instructions are in Japanese and the DRM was so horrible that I had to hack the firmware to make it functional.) So, yes, this new version has a much better chance at becoming an iPod for books.
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written by Guest, April 10, 2006
I won't buy this thing if there's DRM on it.

Time will come when they'll sell you a book to read in a week after which it will self erase

Sony and DRM
written by Guest, April 11, 2006
Sony does indeed love it's DRM, and the titles that one purchases will certainly be managed in some way. But they learned the time-restricted-content lesson with the Librie. That won't ever happen again.

I'm pretty sure that the Sony Reader will also read various non-managed formats (PDF, TXT, HTML) which opens the door to piracy, but also to a much more friendly device.
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Nice reader but no books to read
written by Chris, December 03, 2006
I live in the UK and the only way to get one of these readers was to have a friend in the States ship one over to me. This is a really grate product, unfortunately spoiled by the use of DRAM. The number of books on the connect site are limited and I received $50 credit when I registered the device. However as I live in the UK the site will not accept UK credit cards :-(
No problem I thought, I would just load up my pdf ebooks. No such luck, the reader does not support protected pdf files :-(

So now I am stuck, I can't buy ebooks that will work on enter site levitra for daily use the reader.
Cool features...
written by Acura RSX Parts, November 15, 2007
That's good news for bookworms like me...Well,since you have one already there's no reason I can't have that. I'll grab one myself,soon..
written by eBook Compilers eBook Covers, August 24, 2008
This technology sounds like a whole lot of trouble, I think I'll stay away from it for now.

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