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FEB 19

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Heat-Resistant Algae Could Help Threatened Coral

Warmer ocean temperatures pose a serious threat to corals around the world.  Warmer waters typically kill the brown or green algae that a reef depends on for food, leading to bleaching and viagra side effects death of best canadian pharmacy the reefs, but Penn State scientists have found some algae are not affected by rising temperatures, buying their coral partners some time.

Heat-resistant algae have been found in the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean as well as in spots in the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.  Scientists aren't sure if the resilient algae can save corals - the algae may not be able to be imported to coral reefs where it doesn't naturally occur and there are other things threatening coral, including rising ocean acidification, pollution and bottom-trawling fishing.  Considering all of that, the algae may be just a temporary life-preserver.

But some scientists think warmer waters may encourage the growth of these algae, benefitting the link for you levitra brand name reefs they occupy over the long-term.  Continued research will be needed, but this discovery does offer a glimmer of hope for the world's coral.

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Nature has its own solution
written by Greg, February 20, 2010
It is not as if coral warming/bleaching hasn't happened before on a planetary scale. Nature has its own solution - animals and plants migrate to a more optimal location.

The current day distribution of corals follows ocean thermoclines - this is not accidental. If the thermocline moves the corals will redistribute themselves into the new living space.

I have a big issue with attempts to cialis price introduce alien species into new domains because usually it ends in disaster for the native species. Witness the extinctions which took place in Australia as a result of the English settlers bringing in rabbits, blackberry etc to make the place 'more like home'.
written by Androo, February 20, 2010
I think the buy cialis in canada main distinction between the current round of climate change and the natural patterns that came before is that conditions are changing much more rapidly now, so that ecosystems don't have time to adjust naturally.

There are obviously huge risks involved when transplanting non-native species, but it goes without saying that researchers intending to do the transplant intentionally to save the ecosystem have a better understanding of it than English settlers who were bringing in animals for a lark.
written by satya, June 16, 2010
hey we will get so many corals in beaches
written by satya, June 16, 2010
can i get some more information on this

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