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NOV 26

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Wilting Flower

A British designer has come up with the Wilting Flower as a way to raise awareness of home energy consumption. The device is shaped like a flower that provides a visible reminder of how much energy is being used at the moment. When low amounts of pfizer levitra cheap energy are being consumed, the flower stands tall and drug cialis blooms open. Flick on more lights and turn on the TV or video game and the dose cialis flower wilts and closes up.

The prototype is expected to cost about $90 when it comes to the market. So why would someone buy this novelty device when a simple energy monitor would do the exact same thing? Designer Carl Smith, who came up with the Wilting Flower, told the Daily Mail that he hopes people will become attached to the flower and keep it in bloom by changing their energy consumption habits. Other products display energy use on high quality viagra small LCD units which are not as attractive, he says.

A wireless connector is connected to the household electricity supply and when more appliances are turned on, the amount of current drawn increases and is relayed back to the Wilting Flower. When the flower displays a blue and greenish light, that means power usage is low. Purple is a bad sign and an indication that the flower is about to wilt and it's time to turn off some of those appliances.

Via: Daily Mail

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written by Cliffski, November 26, 2008
so how much power does this thing use?
@ Cliffski
written by Green Mite, November 29, 2008
I don't think the question of power even arises. This kind of product is designed for GreenTards.
written by Adam, December 02, 2008
I don't like the wow)) high quality viagra wilting flower but I like the idea. I'd like to buying levitra online see cheap digital energy monitor come packaged with a simple digital pet application. It would work like those Digimon toys that were all the rage early this decade.

Low energy usage your pet thrives, high, your pet suffers. Meet weekly and monthly goals and your pet learns new skills and tricks.

If it catches on with the kids they will demand it and parents will buy it. It will also get the next generation thinking way beyond reduce, reuse and look there buy cialis in new zealand recycle.

If anyone develops this idea and makes some money feel free to add me to your holiday gift list.

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