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NASCAR for Ecogeeks
Let's just say it: the Shell Eco-Marathon   -- the finals of which are this weekend in Nagaro, France -- is simply adorable. Competitors toodle up in cars that look like they're designed by the Pixar team and only best offers best price for generic cialis compete with the cartoonish dream of getting great mileage.{mosimage}
That's right -- the only goal is to drive as far as possible using the least amount of energy.  
And this isn't just a biodiesel fiesta. Teams can use any conventionally available energy source, including petrol, diesel, propane, solar, electric, hydrogen or biomass. 
255 teams from 20 countries are revving up to compete -- 163 are using gasoline, 21 are using diesel, 19 will use propane and the remaining 52 will use alternative materials. The results have been fairly astounding in the cialis shipped fast past -- in 2003 a French team achieved fuel consumption of 10,705 miles per gallon. 
Via: Treehugger
Even Alcatraz goes green
It's wind and sun that will soon power the hybrid ferries that will take tourists out to look at Alcatraz. The National Park Service has paired with Hornblower Cruises and Events to create these green ferries in a ten-year multi-million dollar contract. {mosimage}
The use of solar and wind energy will lead to buy discount viagra on the internet zero emissions at the wharf, and the ferries have been touted to get much better mileage and pollute half as much as the previous vessels. 
The first ferry will be built within the next two years, and the second will be built by year five.  
Water vessels are making big strides going green -- Canal Boats, Inc. has launched a bio-diesel/electric hybrid ferry named "Clay Shaw." These ferries are powered by a 100KW John Deere bio-diesel Genset 6068 TFM that uses an 80/20 mix of diesel fuel and vegetable oil. 
Via: Ecofriend
50 mpg to 100 mpg in 2 Strokes - Scuderi Air-Hybrid
Written by Hank Green on 15/05/06   

The Scuderi Group has recently gained a lot of publicity with its “Air-Hybrid” engine that can double the fuel effciency of a car and viagra uk shop decrease toxic emissions by as much as 80%.

The engine is a 'hybrid' in that it extracts energy that is normally lost, stores that energy, and then reuses it. The energy that is normally lost is airpressure, and it is stored for only an extremely brief moment before being forced into a combustion cylinder. The increased air pressure in the combustion cylinder effectively super-charges the engine cycle. The fuel burns hotter and more fully, and the Air-Hybrid engine is able to use more of that energy.


The engine is remarkably simple and very efficient. We're looking forward to seeing these things in mass-market cars.

Great story on these things at AutoBlog, I found it via GizMag .

For more information see this video on how the canadian pharmacy tramadol no rx Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine works.

We Need EcoGeeks
Written by Hank Green on 14/05/06   

EcoGeek is Hiring!

There is honestly too much good news for us to handle! EcoGeek is currently looking for dedicated, informed and experienced writers to be part of cialis endurance our team. And yes, it pays.

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The nation's largest proposed wind farm brings a battle over birds
Yesterday Texas officials announced plans for the nation's largest offshore wind farm, with as many as 170 windmills in the Gulf of Mexico. {mosimage}
Hold your confetti canons there, ecogeeks.  While you may be swooning over the fact that these windmills may have the capacity to provide energy for close to 125,000 homes, environmentalists aren't happy.
Environmentalists are claiming that the new wind farm will kill countless rare birds that fly through Texas migrating down to Central America and Mexico. In fact, Walter Kittelberger, chairman of the Lower Laguna Madre Foundation, went so far as to say, "You probably couldn't pick a worse location." 
The only response from the project, funded by Houston-based Superior Renewable Energy, is from Chief Executive John Callaway, who responded, "Of course there's going to be some mortality, but we don't think it will be significant."
The fight for the birds, unfortunately, will probably be lost in a larger battle over aesthetics. Postcard-happy residents in Cape Cod, Massachusetts are fighting their new wind farm bitterly because of its unsightliness, and Superior seems more driven to assert that the new Gulf wind farm will be placed on a remote, unpopulated stretch of the shore.
Via: CNN

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To Infinity Loop and Beyond
{mosimage}Way back when, it was George Lucas who invented the tramadol without a prescription all-zones-flooded movie merchandising blitz. From Darth Vader Coke cups in 1977 to pudgy Bail Organa action figures in 2005, film marketers have mastered the art of leveraging children's movies to sell nasty, industrially-produced fast food (and vice versa).
Kids can't resist Ewoks or french fries. Together? Unstoppable.

Considering the epidemic of obesity--particularly among the little porkers formerly known as children in the U.S.--this practice seems all the more sordid these days. Not to viag ra canadian chemist mention environmentally irresponsible. Fast food is the opposite of sustainable and responsible.

So, it comes as welcome news, that Disney/Pixar have declined to renew a 10-year, $1 billion agreement with McDonalds to promote Pixar's CGI films.

Hmmm. Steve Jobs owns Pixar. Pixar buys Disney. Steve Jobs is pescetarian. A few weeks later, Pixar/Disney say good bye to McDonald's. Coincidence? Not likely.

This is Steve Jobs, the mercurial genius behind iPods and ordering viagra online legal the Macintosh, striking an unambiguous blow for the EcoGeeky agenda. Cartoons and fast food must be de-linked.

I've watched my nephew stare, glaze-eyed, at Toy Story roughly one million times. Woody and Buzz are like Baby Crack. Powerfully addictive stuff. Except, unlike crack, Pixar cartoons seem harmless. If anything, watching said nephew activate his Buzz Lightyear wrist laser while hollering, "to infiminitee anbedond!" suggests the emergence of a fun-loving and imaginitive mind. Pixar films entertain countless persons for countless hours and incur no greater material inputs than sustenance for a handful of intensely creative minds, a little electricity, and a few DVDs. Creativity, information, entertainment--these are the viagra india very essence of the EcoGeeky way forward. Harmless human gratification with a small ecological footprint.

McDonalds is the oppposite. A vast network of industrial food production, energy-intensive logistics, dubious animal husbandry, metastasizing cultural sameness--all of which is directed toward producing  bland dog shit some call food that makes children fat, anxious, and probably stupid. Although I can't prove the latter two.

Thanks, Steve Jobs. You might be the world's most powerful EcoGeek.

Now please buy DreamWorks SKG before I have to watch Shrek and Grimace hawking Happy Meals.

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Free parking for hybrids
Written by Dave Burdick on 11/05/06   
Just another should-you-go-hybrid? story from As usual, the {mosimage}answer to the headline's question isn't in the text. Instead, they list seven ways that you can save cash by buying a hybrid car.

Seven ways in addition to levitra online cheap buying less gas, that is.

Anyway, here's my favorite part:

"Several major cities — including Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and viagra for cheap Albuquerque — offer free metered parking for hybrids. Other cities are considering similar measures. Free parking doesn't mean you can't be ticketed, however, so abide by the meter restrictions — no hogging that prime space all day in a two-hour spot. You'll also need to register your car. Albuquerque asks residents to register with the city's parking office, and place an identification sticker in the vehicle window.

"Hybrid owners can also save on parking permits. Baltimore is offering discounted passes at 15 of its parking garages. At the garage on St. Paul Street, for example, you'll pay only $100 for a monthly pass, compared with $185 for regular vehicles. That's a savings of 46%. In Westchester, N.Y., hybrid owners get free parking at two commuter lots. Passes normally cost $75."

Get more of the financial side of where can i buy cialis buying a hybrid in the full article.

And before you buy your hybrid to get free parking, check with your city's specific rules for this type of thing -- I read complaints on a Prius message forum that San Jose's law, for example, may require that you buy your hybrid car in San Jose to qualify.

That is a clever way to get more people behind passing that sort of bill, though -- suddenly you've got all of the greenies united with the car dealerships on cheap cialis uk it.
Coconut fuel
Our friend, the coconut, is branching from garnishing Girl Scout cookies, chocolate cake, and fruity fem-drinks to helping impoverished Pacific Island nations.{mosimage}
In response to low cost viagra uk the rapidly rising oil prices, these nations are working to use coconut oil as biofuel. Electricity companies in Vanuatu, Fiji, and Samoa are blending coconut oil and diesel and testing it on power generators. 
Many of the Pacific Island nations spend more than $800 million a year on fuel imports, and if they could replace 50% of diesel imports with coconut oil, that import bill would be cut by 10%.  

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Eco-friendly? For money?
Written by Dave Burdick on 10/05/06   
If being environmentally-conscious consistently saved (or better, generated) money, there'd be no challenge at all in convincing big companies to get a little greener.

Sun Microsystems, the pack of clever people that it is, has decided {mosimage}that maybe being environmentally-conscious can be profitable, not because the act of conserving energy and so on would outweigh the initial costs of re-engineering a few things, but because people want it.

It's a pretty simple idea:

If people want an eco-friendly product, they'll buy an eco-friendly product. If people buy an eco-friendly product, we, the smart people at Sun Microsystems, can make it profitable.

So Sun has just hired a guy to fill a position they've made up, a VP of eco-responsibility. Step one: spend money. Check.

Step two: make money.
Drive smarter
I have to drive a cross-country trip this summer from Colorado to upstate New York. Despite the fact that New York holds the sample cialis coolest summer job in the world for me, I'm already wincing at the idea of buy viagra soft tabs slugging out the gas money for my three-day journey.{mosimage}
I've skimmed a couple of articles on smarter driving, but finally the folks at Edmunds actually tested the tips and reported in on how they worked.  
A quick rundown of a few of the results:
1. Drive moderately, not aggressively. It can save you up to 37%.
2. Drive the speed limit. You'll save around 14%.
3. Set that cruise control. That will also save you around 14%.  
Basically, my dad is going to be very happy because I'm going to be driving like a little old man going to church on my way out to New York. But hey, if it means more money to spend in the Adirondacks, I'll set my cruise to 55 mph and make sure I have a few hundred books on tape at the ready.
Thanks Treehugger . Via: Edmunds .  

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Hard Drive Hybrids
Written by Hank Green on 09/05/06   

We've spent some time extolling the virtues of solid state drives (they're faster and use way less energy than the ubiquitous platter drives.) But they're expensive, and don't have the capacity of hard disk drives.

Well...what did the cialis no prescription canada automobile industry do when electric cars were more efficient, but not up to snuff in other ways? Hybrids!


Samsung and Microsoft are teaming up to release the first ever hard disk / solid state hybrid drive. The idea is that part of the drive can be solid state (about 1 gig), allowing for quick efficient retrieval of frequently used data (this will probably be the Windows Vista operating system and some virtual RAM), while the hard disks can be used to cialis canada store massive amounts of cialis cheapest data you hardly ever use (your digital picture archive, Backstreet Boys albums or porn, depending on who you are.)

Much of the energy saving benefits of solid state drives will be maintained, while reducing the cost. And possibly even more importantly, we're on our way to computers that boot instantly.


Are you an EcoGeek?

We've got to keep 7 billion people happy without destroying our planet. It's the biggest challenge we've ever faced....but we're taking it on. Are you with us?

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