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AUG 24

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Shuttle X100 Mini Computer
Written by Hank Green on 24/08/06   

The Shuttle X100 is an amazing option for those folks who don't want or need a big honking desktop, but don't want to leave the cutting edge too far behind.  Best of all, this is simply the lowest power consumption we've ever seen in a consumer PC.  It's stylish, capable and efficient, though we wouldn't mind a starting price a bit below $800.


The ultra-compact, low power-use format isn't skimping on frills though.  The graphics are decent, as is it's sound card.  The standard hard drive is a capable 80 gigabyte SATA transfering data at 3 gigs a second, it comes with 1.6 ghz core duo (fast and efficient) and has an option for on-board wireless. 

This is a sweet machine that's definitely a move in the right direction.


AUG 23

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"I would like to buy the synthetic land scape timbers .the number on th..."

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Fake Wood from Trash
Written by Philip Proefrock on 23/08/06   

fakewoodWe just keep recycling plastic bottles and imagining that there must be a use for them.  Well, it's not easy to turn post consumer plastic into marketable products.  So these high-tech versions of low-tech goods please us.

Xpotential Products produces landscape timbers and parking curbs that are made from recycled plastic composites and shredded automobiles. The curbs are lighter in weight than traditional concrete bumpers, so they are easier (and thus cheaper) to install. They are also more resilient, so they don't chip or crack like concrete, meaning a longer lifespan. The landscape timbers are superior to wood in serveral ways: more durable and longer lasting, and of tramadol for diabetic dogs course, no actual trees are required.


AUG 22

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Fuel Efficient Cows
Written by Hank Green on 22/08/06   

cow-fartWell this is definitely weird.  In response to rising concerns over methane's contribution to global warming, and dairy cow's contribution to methane emissions, an alliance of scientists in Australia and New Zealand hope to lowest price for viagra breed a better cow. 

This multi-million dollar effort comes on money order viagra the heels of the unsuccessful 'fart tax.'  Three cheers for the Aussie tell-it-like-it- is mentality.  The goal is to produce cows that create more milk and generic levitra best deal less methane (the two seem to be linked) through breeding. 

Cows are responsible for more than half of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions, and while it seems logical to focus on reducing flatulence, it might be time to consider a more direct plan...reducing cows.

 Via TerraDaily


AUG 22

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"I agree with all this green tech/andsystems,no doubt we all agree that..."

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Insane Dutch Design, Ridiculous English Reporting, Excellent Top Gear Segment
Written by Hank Green on 22/08/06   

Quotes from the video below:

"I am in a miniature, road-going, fighter plane!  I want guns strapped to the side of this, something that fires missiles maybe."

"Absolute Hand on heart, I've never had so much fun in a car"

"He is my partner...and also my lover"

The Carver goes 115 mph, has one motorcycle tire, two car tires, banks into turns and gets about 47 mpg.  Currently they cost around $40,000, but they're aiming for a $18,000 pricetag and a hybrid version on the horizon.  You get the climate control and comfort of a car, with the mileage and fun of a bike. I don't realy know why I want one so bad, but it looks like amazing fun.


Via HighT3ch

Google Traffic Maps
Written by Hank Green on 22/08/06   

googlemobileWouldn't it be horribly convenient if there were a company who's mission was to organize all the world's information. also might be a bit scary, but Google's mobile maps is great for car, drive and air quality. 

Just turn on your cell phone, connect to Google Mobile Maps and look at all the main roads.  If it's green it's clear, yellow it's congested, and red it's halted.  You immediately how to get where you're going without wasting gas idling in stop and purchase tramadol without prescription go traffic. 

Via InformationWeek

Cheering on the LCD : Plasma War
Written by Hank Green on 22/08/06   

lcdtvWar, huh....what is it good for?  Energy efficiency?  Not usually.  But in the war between LCD and plasma displays, that's exactly what we're getting.

The flat-screen television market is booming.  The most energy efficient thing to do would be to watch TV on your old 15 inch LCD monitor, but the big-screen hotness is, for some, too difficult to resist.  The next best thing is a direct competition between two flatscreen formats.  Plasma and LCD.  Right now, the two technologies are in a dead heat.  Though LCD TVs and plasma screens currently operate in slightly different markets (plasma's are bigger) they consume about the same power per square inch.  (You might hear that plamsa's consume way more, but this is just because they're usually much bigger.)

As consumers start to ask questions like "Is this TV really going to use more power than my refirgerator?" and getting a less-than-satisfying shrug/nod from the salesperson, efficiency is becoming a hot item.  Both LCDs and Plasmas have become around 25% more efficient in the past year alone using while simultaneously becoming cheaper.  That is the power of super active cialis a format war.  Neither of these technologies is going out without a fight.

For now, the EcoGeek recommendation remains at LCD.  They use slightly less power and, even more importantly, last longer, so you won't have to cheap us cialis replace it so soon.  With either screen, always unplug at the source to prevent vampirism, buy a smaller set, and turn down the brightness when you watch at night (you can cut power use by as much as 50% by doing this, and you won't even notice if the ambient light is low (saving further energy.))  And always demand to know the power consumption of any product you buy. 


AUG 18

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Star Trek and the we like it viagra tablets sale Environment Eco-Nerd-Rant
Written by Hank Green on 18/08/06   

I'm about to go geeky pretty hard here, so be warned. There's actual news just below this and more on the way, so just scroll if you get overwhelmed. But, in the spirit of fun and extreme nerdiness, I've just completed an analysis of Star Trek episodes in search of environmental themes.

Actually, I can't say that I completed an analysis, 'cause, really, I know the plots of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes pretty well. Mostly I just thought about it for a while.

The Star Trek future is largely an environmentally neutral one. Science and technology have allowed us to solve a great number of we choice pfizer levitra canada environmental problems, and the moral scope of our species has begun to encompass all life, not just human life. It's a wonderful world where climate change isn't a problem, we have no need for fossil fuels and population pressures no longer affect planets.

But even in the Utopian future of Star Trek, environmental problems do arise.

More after the Jump


AUG 17

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Oil Sucks, Wind Blows Video Contest
Written by Hank Green on 17/08/06   

An online video contest from Western Wind Energy is promising $10,000 to the best pro-wind power video.  It's reminding us of the ill-fated Make Your Own Tahoe Commercial contest that GM put on buy levitra from canada a while back.  Except... this is environmentally friendly, and there are way fewer trucks and viagra by mail way more girls in bikinis.  All in all...I like this one a lot better. 

Using technology to promote green technology is good buisness.  And winning $10,000 by making a "Wind Blows" video is even better buisness.  Good luck to all y'all video makers.



AUG 16

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"I\'ve always used a different definition for \'greenwashing\', and it\..."

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A Note on Greenwashing
Written by Hank Green on 16/08/06   

greenwashingGreenwash: To improve the public image of a corporation by funding environmental initiatives and public relations.

Here and now, EcoGeek asks an uncomfortable question: Is greenwashing a bad thing? When BP changed their name to Beyond Petroleum and began to spend twice as much money than any other energy company on renewables should we call them greenwashers and disparage their progress, or should we thank them. There is no doubt that public relations spurred BP in its rebranding. And, yes, the company still does awful dirty things (especially in Alaska) but we at EcoGeek are strong believers in the principle of multiple causes.

To say BP overhauled their brand, their mission and restructured their entire corporation solely for public relations is far too simple-minded. Greenwashing has multiple causes. Among them are public relations, long-term and short-term economics and buy levitra no prescription concern for the environment. That's right, I said it, Concern for the environment. As much as the corporate world seems cash-crazed and heartless, there are still people running these things. And, occasionally, people care.

Wal-Mart just went through a green-up with pep-talks from Al Gore and audits from the Rocky Mountain Institute. This is the kind of free levitra sample thing that will make some folks hop up and down and scream "Greenwashers!" But, the truth is, when Wal-Mart puts compact fluorescent lightbulbs on sale, the world notices. They're doing it because it's making them money, it's saving them money, it's increasing brand loyalty and, maybe, because the Waltons come from a long line of traditional (hook and bullet) conservationists.

When call Wal-Mart and BP greenwashers, we punish them for doing the right things. When they're guilty, which they often are, we need to rub their faces in it. But when they change the way their companies operate and, thus, change the world, we have to say thanks. We have to shake their hands and i recommend buy levitra canada print their press releases because, otherwise, they'll have one less reason to green-up. And we want them to have as many reasons as possible.


AUG 16

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The World's Largest Laundry is Powered by Sun
Written by Hank Green on 16/08/06   

The World's Larges Laundromat contains 153 washers, 147 dryers, and 36 water-heating roof panels.  Tom Benson, owner, says he did it for purely financial reasons, but his customers thank him daily for helping the buy cheap viagra prescription online environment.

Heating water is a wasteful business, and laundromats need a lot of hot water.  The solar system is a basic solar hot water heater, just a bunch of flat black panels with water running through them, no fancy photovoltaics needed.  Every year, Tom Benson's laundry saves about $25,000 in energy costs thanks to solar heating. 


Though the cost of the system will be generating excess cash in five years, and Benson's Chicago locale is by no means ideal for solar, very few laundromats have embraced solar water heating.  But as energy prices continue to climb, laundromat owners will likely follow Benson's example.

Via USA Today


AUG 15

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Intelligent Idling Retrofit (I think)
Written by Hank Green on 15/08/06   

Up to 10% of a city vehicle's fuel is burned while idling and thus pretty much wasted.  Some newer vehicles, particularly hybrids and the Toyota Vitz have intelligent idling systems that turn off the engine when it's not needed and start it back up quickly and efficiently when it's time to move.

istartA small Japanese volunteer organization has created the iStart, a device that will, I think, retrofit any existing vehicle with an intelligent idling system.  Unfortunately, it is entirely unclear how the device works, how it is installed, and what it actually does because I cannot speak Japanese.  Their English translation is linguistically fascinating, but it's not much technical use. 

I'm fairly certain that the real viagra device shuts off the engine upon idling and then immediately turns back on when the foot is lifted from the brake.  In terms of the efficiency of the restart, I can say nothing, but it probably averages out to be more efficient than it would be without the device.  The iStart costs $490 and can be installed in under an hour.  The people at the site are confident that you'll get your money back in gas savings within the year.

To end, I'd like to share a note from the end of cheap discount levitra the iStart FAQ:
It is and becomes a present to the descendant because the small consideration that it is made who to be is you.

I couldn't agree more.

Via Hugg


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