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AUG 26

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"Another interesting biomimetic example - Design inspired by nature. Th..."

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Lung-Inspired Fuel Cell Cuts Platinum, Boosts Efficiency

Scientists at the Norwegian Academy of Science and inexpensive cialis Letters have designed a new fuel cell inspired by the bronchial structure of the lungs.  The new design requires less of the expensive platinum catalyst while also boosting efficiency.

The fuel cell features channels modeled after bronchial tubes that supply hydrogen and oxygen to cialis no prescription canada their respective electrodes.  This system spreads the gases more uniformly across the electrodes, which boosts the cell's efficiency and creates greater surface area so that less platinum is required.

Hydrogen fuel cells are still too cost prohibitive (among other things) for mass production and a lot of that has to do with the platinum catalyst.  This design is pretty exciting because it would lower the cost of the fuel cell while also boosting output.  That's a win-win.

via Engadget

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Neat idea - faster please
written by Fred, August 26, 2010
I'd much rather have a hydrogen-powered car than a battery-driven one.

But I think you meant to write "bronchial" structure.
Biomimetic example
written by Yael, October 02, 2010
Another interesting biomimetic example - Design inspired by nature.
The lungs gave inspiration also for carbon removal technologies.

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