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Cheap Hydrogen from a Stainless Steel Brush

Microbial electrolysis cells (MECs) have been developed over the last few years as a way to produce hydrogen from food scraps and waste water. To put it very simply, the microbes feed on the waste and with the cialis 20 mg help of electricity and a catalyst, hydrogen is made. So far, expensive platinum has been used as the catalyst in this process, which has been effective, but the cost has held the technology back. Now researchers at Penn State have found a cheap substitute: stainless steel.

A piece of stainless steel works as a catalyst, but is buy canada cialis only one-third as effective as the platinum, but researchers found that arranging the stainless steel in the form of a high-density bristle brush upped the hydrogen production to match and even exceed that of the online store viagra platinum. The best part is that while the platinum part costs 15 cents, the stainless steel brush only costs 3 cents.

The researchers are still experimenting to find the best types and arrangements of stainless steel to maximize the hydrogen production, and even once those things are figured out, scientists will still have to discover a way to scale up this technology to be commercially viable. It seems daunting, but decreasing the cost will go a long way in allowing further progress.

via MIT Technology Review

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written by comments, February 25, 2009
did they also fashion the platinum into the shape of the wire brush and test how much hydrogen that would produce?
written by Bob Maccy., February 25, 2009
Excellent! We need that platinum for our catalytic converters instead. Gas and cialis london delivery hybrid cars aren't going away anytime soon.
coat the bristol wires with gold plating
written by Thomas Campbell, March 04, 2009
Hello try to use gold platings which conduct easier then stainless steel !!! It might cost more but do not have to replace it for many years of processing ! You would have to plate each wire and then put them into making each one help produce what you are looking for !

written by Jeff, March 04, 2009
This is basically an HHO fuel cell. People have been making them to increase their car's fuel efficiency for years!

High Grade 316 SS is usually metal of choice
written by Ray, March 04, 2009
Gold coated? Goood idea, hope they take your sound advice.
dont those HHO things only work untill your cars O2 sensor adjusts itself. Then you need to buy more parts and by that time you could have driven to work and back 12000 time$.
This article- last time I priced Hydrogen for the home it was around the value of my home. Hope your idea moves to best viagra the front of the class to help save this nation. And we do viagrabest viagra need saving.
written by Woody, March 05, 2009
HHO or, browns Gas, combines isohydrogen and parahydrogen in a volume ratio that is a function of your motor's compression and displacement. Reduces consumption A LOT, doesn't affect your O2 sensors if it's browns gas because of the balancing of para and iso-hydrogens. Straight up electrolysis causes head temp. issues and viagra soft tabs overnight delivery can burn sensors up. Check youtube for Browns Gas, there is a lot of brand levitra price great footage of it in use, also try 'run your car on water' and you'll get browns gas cars.
written by Fred, July 15, 2009
little tool is making good impact
steel brush and gortex filtered pem cells
written by alan ward, June 25, 2010
the oxygen reduction and thus the steel anoid brushes, should put price of, and manufacture, with in reach, given the balance of partical changes in pem cells.if they the anoid and cathode work together= effiencies.and gortex;monash university australia.

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