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NOV 19

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"A big issue with electric cars(aside from how the electricity is produ..."

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Bacteria Fermenting Waste into LOTS OF H2!

The Proceedings of the buy levitra at a discount National Academy of Sciences has published research showing a new process by which bacteria consume fermenting cellulose and real cialis pharmacies produce hydrogen – lots of hydrogen.

PennStateUniversity and Ion Power Inc. have developed a process that uses bacteria in an electrically charged fuel cell called a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) to get high yields of hydrogen.

Prof. Bruce Logan of PSU:

This MFC process is canada meds viagra not limited to using only carbohydrate-based biomass for hydrogen production like conventional fermentation processes. We can theoretically use our MFCs to obtain high yields of hydrogen from any biodegradable, dissolved, organic matter -- human, agricultural or industrial wastewater, for example -- and simultaneously clean the wastewater.

Basically, we use the same microbial fuel cell we developed to generic cialis without prescription clean wastewater and produce electricity. However, to produce hydrogen, we keep oxygen out of the MFC and add a small amount of tramadol used to treat power into the system.

The bacteria consume acetic acid, which is produced in the cellulosic fermentation process or in the Mix Alco process. Cellulosic fermentation requires enzymes to convert cellulose to sugars that can then be fermented. The Mix Alco process converts cellulose to acetic acid through a process that mimics how a cow’s stomach digests grass.

The Department of Energy has found an algae that makes hydrogen, which means we might be at the dawn of an interspecies competition for hydrogen domination!

Via: Wired Science

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Don't get me wrong...
written by AlienFarmer, November 19, 2007
Don't get me wrong I am all for hydrogen as a renewable energy, but... What about the EV1's? Come on man we have the how to buy levitra in canada technology to plug in our rides overnight to recharge them and drive 300 miles on a charge. Hydrogen is 20 years and millions of dollars away. Solar energy and EV1's are here right now... or at least they were here? Who stole all the electric cars?

And to think I was excited about algal o
written by Webster, November 19, 2007
This takes us one step further. Now just find a way to buy cialis make a garage sized unit and people can fill their own cars.
oh please
written by nuveshen, November 20, 2007
'This takes us one step further.'
not really, and this is nothing new,
plus, there is always going to be issues aroung hydrogen's strorage and distribution.

'Now just find a way to make a garage sized unit and people can fill their own cars.'
And what are you gonna ferment in your garage to produce hydrogen?

It would be better off to just use the fermentation products directly.

I'm with alien farmer and would rather look to electric vehicles as a solution.

written by merlia, November 20, 2007
It is a well-written piece about Bacteria. It is informative as well as interesting coverage and the link is also informative. Good post! :)
The point of garage sized units
written by Webster, November 20, 2007
is that you get around the distribution issues. At some point, you'll need to power cars with something. I'm all for electric cars, but if they are powered by coal-plants, we've just displaced the pollution.
an article...
written by Lorenzo Rambaldi, November 22, 2007
written by Patrick Harbert, February 04, 2014
A big issue with electric cars(aside from how the electricity is produced) is that it pretty much requires people to buy an entire new vehicle. This lends advantage to fedex viagra no prescription Hydrogen, which can run in internal combustion engines. The conversion is likely to be cheaper than purchasing a brand new car(especially if we subsidize or use tax incentives), and allows for people to keep the current diversity of car styles and purposes.

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