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Human Powered

Gerbil Wheel Elevator


Because, apparently, stairs are too easy, some Estonian designers have proposed these human-powered elevators.  It looks like a heck of a lot of fun, probably considerably more fun than stairs, and requires absolutely no electricity.  However, it doesn't look cheaper, easier or safer than stairs, so they probably won't be widely implemented. 

It's an interesting rethinking of the elevator nonetheless, and I love the accompanying drawing.  And the innovation itself might be enough for it to be implemented in interesting architectural spaces like outdoor gardens or art museums.
Via Core77 

Portable Squeeze Charger

alladinEcoGeeks have firm handshakes.  Or, at least, they will once the get an AladdinPower handheld and tramadol online prescriptions free viagra operated generator.  Just squeeze the thing and the juice starts flowing.  It'll recharge anything up to the levitra injectable size of a portable DVD player.  You're not going to have much of an effect on a laptop computer, but anything else is fair game. 

The device comes with a built in high-powered light as well as a cigarette lighter-type connector.  So as long as you've got a car charger for your device, you'll never run out of visit our site levitra 20 batteries again!

I've never actually gotten my hands on one of these, so I don't have any idea how difficult it is to squeeze or how quickly it can charge a device.  But I do know that it'll set you back 60 bucks and could be the secret ingredient in any of a thousand awesome DIY projects.

A wind-up flashlight from Freeplay

The forces behind the Freeplay Sherpa Xray torch know that even though us eco-friendly folks have rechargeable batteries, we still randomly forget to charge them and break down and buy the land-fill-happy Energizers. Which is only best offers viagra pharmacy why they created a flashlight that recharges using a wind-up technology.
And if you, like us, still have a soft-spot for the clear-view world of Robotix where you could see how everything worked in your home-built robot, the Xray torch will scratch that itch with its clear casing that will let you watch your elbow grease get turned into light. It doesn't take too much elbow grease, though -- just 30 seconds of winding gives you eight minutes of light.
For us, this seems like a great flashlight to stash in our car for emergencies. And the price isn't bad at just $29.99.
Via Ecotopia .  

Gore v. Clinton in 08?

It seems like a lot of speculation about former veep Al Gore running for president{mosimage} in 2008 stems from recent press coverage of how can i buy cialis in canada his various green endeavors -- particularly his global warming film, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Of course, if all it took to get elected were movies and press coverage, why any old movie star could -- say, wait a minute.

Anyway, the Wall Street Journal has a nice, easy piece on the ifs, ors and buts of a Gore campaign. Wouldn't it be something if Gore came back as the smart, forward-thinking environmentalist that he seems to be in the private sector?

When you move, it's electric

How are "nanogenerators" like aphrodisiacs? They turn body movement into electricity.
Clever folks at the online pharmacies Georgia Institute of Technology have built a tiny prototype generator that generates electricity through the flexing of zinc oxide nanowires. They're saying that since the stuff isn't toxic, you could arguably implant it in a human muscle and allow human movement to create electricity. 
While cool, that's a little creepy, so here's another example from's story on the tiny powerhouses: 
"You could envision having these nanogenerators in your shoes to produce electricity as you walk," [Zhong Lin] Wang said. "This could be beneficial for soldiers in the field, who now depend on batteries to generic levitra canadian healthcare power their electrical equipment. As long as the soldiers were moving, they could generate electricity."
Or, you could envision dancing monkeys wearing shoes with nanogenerators in them. I know which one I prefer.
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