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Sony: Children Should Power Their Own Toys

Editor's note, this post is by guest writer Evan Vella, who actually speaks Japanese...lord wouldn't that be a fantastic asset to any gadget blog. Lets hope we can get him to come on full time!

Batteries not included? BAH! It looks like Sony is aiming to harness the boundless energy of children by having them generate electricity through cranking, rolling, and twirling their gadgets. This new line of kinetic devices with interchangeable power sources is called ODO. The meaning behind the word “ODO” remains as opaque as the genesis of Japanese ball-kicking porn.

ODO, much like Voltron, is composed of five components with interesting Engrish names:

  1. A kinetic engine (“Push POWER Play”)
  2. A still camera (“Spin N' Snap”)
  3. A solar array (“Juice Box”)
  4. A digital video camera (“Crank N' Capture”)
  5. Stereo headphones (“Pull N' Play”)

The “Spin N' Snap” still camera doubles as its own crank; its mild mannered viewfinders are also finger-holds for cranking. The “Crank N' Capture” digital video camera, true to cialis one a day its name, has a top-side crank, and resembles a sleek, miniaturized version of an early 20th century movie camera. The cameras derive supplemental energy through “Push POWER Play”, a boxy screen with a roller base. Kids roll “Push POWER Play” to generate additional electricity, and presumably attach it to the enter site cialis injectable camera.

Because cranking and follow link buy cialis in england rolling may not be enough to power a digital camera, the children also have recourse to solar energy: “Juice Box,” a credit card-sized object, which morphs accordion-style into a solar panel array. The variety of power sources is ingenious, because, regardless of the situation, an alternative power source is available. When stuck on a packed commuter train with no space for cranking and rolling, a kid might still be able to capture some sun; while at night, cranking and rolling theoretically will suffice to power ODO devices.

The key components of the ODO line are the kinetic engine and the solar panel array. They can be used interchangeably to power ODO-brand cameras, headphones, and other devices Sony chooses to include in the brand if the prototype is successful. Sony hinted at plans to used simplified packaging and recycled plastic in the manufacturing of ODO products as part of their broader “Sustainable Product” initiative.

Via: Makoto Ichiro Tanaka, DigiCame Watch and Donald Melanson, Engadget


Folding Bike Bag Charges iPods

A backpack that recharges your gadgets isn't even news anymore, but what if it could also turn into a bike? Frag Woodall, a student of buy generic ultram online University of Technology Sydney, has designed a backpack, called the Everglide, that amazingly is a backpack bike than can charge your iPod.

The backpack can be carried normally, wheeled like luggage or, converted into a bicycle. Instead of utilizing photovoltaics, it charges handheld devices by using "frictionless magnetic dynamo technology." Carbon fiber and aluminum materials make it lightweight and durable. His inspiration for the viagra cheap fast shipping Everglide came from wanting to address the problems of bicycles being heavy and difficult to store and viagra med uk carry after the user is where to buy cialis done riding.

Despite it looking like a funky scooter, there definitely is a need for a convenient bike like this. In any case, it could always be a fun way to power a lightbulb during a power outtage... or your iPod.


Aerorider: Three-Wheeled Enclosed Electric Bike

Yet another EcoGeek 3 wheel wonder, the Aerorider is “the ultimate single seat hybrid: sensational, comfortable, sporty and relaxing”.

The Aerorider is a hybrid - human and electric powered vehicle that can achieve 45km/h (28 mph) cruise and the ability to overcome hills without breaking into a sweat. The single bucket seat supports your entire body placing you in a position to comfortably focus on pedaling. Pedaling efficiency is maximized by the “recumbent” position where you are seated with the pedals out in front.

In the United States the Aerorider is considered a bicycle and can go wherever a bike is permitted.

Battery range, usually the Achilles Heel in an electric vehicle, depends on how the natural cialis Aerorider is used and on the terrain. The more you pedal the greater the range, slopes and frequent acceleration reduce it, so range varies between twenty and cheap tramadol buy online eighty kilometers. Various battery options allow the Aerorider to be tailored for your needs. The battery charger can be plugged into a standard household outlet. The more advanced batteries, which are lighter and smaller, can be removed from the vehicle.

The Aerorider is currently under development in Amsterdam.


Biker Gets Head Run Over...Is Just Fine

Ryan Lipscomb was biking home from school when a delivery truck turned in front of him. Ryan slammed on his brakes, fell off his bike and slid underneath the wheel of the truck, which then drove over his head.

Ryan is fine.

"I didn't see it coming, but I sure felt it roll over my head. It feels really strange to have a truck run over your head."

Yeah...ok...I'll take his word for it. Obviously there's a lot of luck here, but also some good technology. Though his helmet was crushed, it managed to protect him enough to keep his brains on purchase tramadol cod the inside of his head. While he's got all kinds of scrapes and a concussion, he is not dead and that makes me want to write a nice letter to the folks that make bike helmets.

Via The Capital Times


Electric Bikes: A Viable Alternative's just...Better. But sometimes it's less convenient. These days bikes are mainly built for sport. Even at WalMart it's hard to find a bike that isn't specifically designed for some recreational activity. What we need, really, are bikes designed to be transportation, and that's not something I've seen until recently.

Stupid little innovations are driving the shift: Fenders, keep the mud off your back. Bigger thinner wheels and lighter frames make commutes faster and easier. Storage space lets you take your groceries home or your bags to work.

Finally, we've got some cooler innovations. Automatic transmissions make biking simpler, and electric motors make it a breeze. Biking is natural cialis becoming easier and propecia online pharmacy canada more widely accepted form of transportation. The Schwinn pictured above, part of a new line of electric commuters, is actually an alternative to an automobile. For small town living, there's simply no reason to have a car.

These bikes have a lithium polymer battery that you remove after riding, and the plug in inside your house. So there's no need to drag your bike to the nearest socket and leave it there overnight. And with one charge lasting over 60 miles, it's unlikely that the bike will run out of juice before you do. And while $1,500 might seem like a lot for a new bike, it's pretty frakkin' cheap for a new car.

Via MetaEfficient

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