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Human Powered

Hand Powered Chain Saw

Hand saws are inefficient and cheap viagra canadian can be difficult to use in certain situations. The only alternative, unfortunately, is an overly-complex, two-stroke engine linked to levitra cheapest a sharp chain that will set you back a couple hundred bucks, rarely be used, spew out clouds of burnt oil, and likely endanger your pets and children.

So why not mix the generic cialis cheapest lowest price usefulness of the chain with the efficiency of muscle-power! Well, a small company called Green Mountain Products is selling just such a device. Unfortunately I can't figure out where to buy looks like Green Mountain Products is only selling wholesale. This isn't going to be the fastest way to cut down a tree, and I would be a little bit afraid of cutting a falling limb from directly below, but there's almost certainly no better option for emissions-free tree trimming.

Via Boing  Boing and TreeHugger

Level 38 Eco-Tricycle of Maiming

It's not gonna get you anywhere very fast, but if you're lucky, it could get you out of cialis arterial fibrillation some tight scrapes in the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback.  In any case this home-made, wind-powered tricycle is ridiculously cool, I'm just not sure why.

It's not a practical design or anything, but I just feel like it's necessary to congratulate people when they wade this far into the sea of peculiarity. This particular device was created by  Damon Vander Lind  and it's come in ranked quite high at the Popular Mechanics DIY fair. Apparently he got the viagra super store idea while working on a home-made wind turbine (admittedly a more practical persuit) and the entire rig cost him about $500 (and three weeks) to build.
Via Popular Mechanics
(Image and video credit: Popular Mechanics)

Sun - Wind - Strength: Bike Add-On Creates Power

For those of us who are interested in distance travel without fossil fuels, but can't do without our cellphones, iPods and laptops, designer Paul Smith has put together the Navitas.

The Navitas can charge it's on-board, 24-volt battery in three different ways: Strength, Sun and Wind. The device, which I imagine doubles as extra storage space as well, uses the attached rear wheel to charge the battery when the bike is levitra mg moving. Then, once stopped, the Navitas can be snapped off the bike and the rear wheel becomes a wind turbine, while a square foot of solar panels pops out for good measure.

It's good to see someone thinking about these kinds of things, but it won't be all that useful until there are a lot more distance bike travelers on the road.

Via Gizmodo and Bicycle Design

Bigger graphic after the jump.

Power Output of Healthier Americans: 3650 gWh/year

Using muscles to click here levitra on women power our lives is not a new idea. In fact, it's a really really old idea. But that doesn't mean it's not a good idea.

Especially since there's probably a million people trying to burn off calories on treadmills all over the world at this very moment. And all those calories they're burning are pretty much going to waste.

Well, almost all. There are actually a couple of gyms across  the world that are converting those burned kilocalories into usable kilowatts. TreeHugger recently wrote about the "California Gym" in Hong Kong, which uses juice generated from people running on treadmills to power the establishment's lights.

But can this really help? Is it worth attaching generators to millions of generic cialis non prescription treadmills and elliptical machines all over the world?

I think it may be time for some quick calculations.
50 watts per adult * 200 million adults in America * 1 hour of exercise per day * 1 billion watts per gigawatt * 365 days per year = 3650 gigawatt hours per year!

Solving the obesity epidemic and the energy crisis at the same time. That's what I'm talkin' about!

The added cost to the treadmills would likely be a lot less than putting solar panels all over the roof of the gym and the power would be generated exactly when the establishment needs it. I can't imagine this wouldn't pay for itself relatively quickly.

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Bike Rack Air Pump

What's a heklucht? The designers at Studio HiMom have combined a bike stand with an air pump, so that bicycle commuters can be assured of having fully inflated tires for their commute.

"The stainless steel construction lends to its durability while the polished steel exterior shines brightly against the discount generic viagra online dull, grey of city sidewalks. The Heklucht is a perfect combination of design and functionality, and although originally conceived only as an art project, it most certainly has a place in our urban lives!"

This isn't flashy high-tech; it is something that just makes sense. And making it easier and more convenient for people to use their bikes is good design for us all.

via: StumbleUpon

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