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A Power Plant on we use it canadian healthcare Each Leg

I don't know about you, but I've been feeling downright un-bionic lately. What I need is a good onboard power source that will whir and buzz and make me really feel like I'm worth at least $10 million.

Thankfully a group of US and Canadian scientists have, together, created a "knee dynamo" that taps the power of walking to create enough power to charge mobile phones or iPods or increasingly advanced electrical prosthetics for amputees (and RoboCops). The device, aside from being obnoxiously large and loud, is really quite cool. It actually uses the energy of the leg swinging forward at the beginning of the stride to generate the power.

This energy would otherwise need to be counteracted by the leg muscles to keep the leg from jarring the knee. This way, the dynamo can actually produce more power than the extra energy the wearer spends to use the device. Think of it like regenerative breaking in hybrid cars. Every time you take a step, your thigh has to levitra 100 mg both speed up and slow down your lower leg. This thing just helps your leg slow itself down, and captures some of buy viagra low price that energy. There's an excellent video of the thing in action at BBC news, I suggest you check it out.

I'm saying this right now...if I can't power my own iPod 15 years from now, I give up on this planet...thanks to these guys for getting this technology another step (or half-stride) closer to reality.

Via BBC News


HumanCar Getting Ready to Release Its Human-Electric Hybrid

OK, so since we just posted about a ridiculous pedal-powered concept, I thought we should also write a bit about a more serious prospect, the Imagine LMV.

The Imagine LMV is what HumanCar is calling its new offering. And while it is both pedal and row-bar powered, the people don't directly drive the canadian meds viagra car. In fact, the Imagine LMV is an electric vehicle that simply allows the passengers to charge the batteries while driving. The batteries (we're guessing) can also be charged through more traditional means.

Using batteries instead of pure human power allows the bike to hit speeds of up to 30 mph while also being, in theory, much safer than bicycles. Unfortunately, the batteries and generators also make the vehicle tremendously more expensive than traditional pedal-powered transit at roughly $15,000.

At that price, we have to i use it buy levitra in new zealand wonder why we aren't just looking to buy a really nice hybrid electric bicycle. Or three...

For more info, check out HumanCar's PDF brochure on the new vehicle.

Via AutoBlogGreen


Pedal-Powered '86 Buick Gets Pulled Over in Toronto

Hahaha! This is awesome. spotted this pedal-powered car that's been making its way around the intertubes.

The 1986 Buick Regal, was designed by artist Michel de levitra now online Broin and was being displayed as part of a touring gallery exhibit in Toronto. Broin removed the engine, suspension, transmission and levitra professional cheapest electrical system in the cialis american online pharmacy car – all of which the artist calls "superfluous devices," and replaced these motorized mechanisms with the human-powered pedals and gears.

It's pretty awesome to see the car out on the street, with the pedal cranks hanging out of the bottom. I thought the best part of the video was when they were just pushing with their feet at the beginning, but it turns out the best part was when they got pulled over.

According to the police officer, "I don't disapprove of the idea, but the levitra from mexico safety factor is unsafe." Frankly, it's hard to imagine that a car with a top speed of ten miles per hour can be unsafe. Possibly, it's unsafe because the people stuck behind the thing might flip out on the pedalers. But, still, as we feature a lot of fancy schmancy cars here at EcoGeek, it's nice to see someone making a different sort of statement.

Via Carectomy


Carectomy Week In Review #6

In Norway, No Car Is "Green"

Apparently Norway takes the phrase “truth in advertising” to heart. New restrictions imposed by the state-run Consumer Ombudsman have banned the use of the words “green,” clean,” and “environmentally friendly” in car advertisements.

Model Green City: Treasure Island Starts from Scratch

Design firm Arup is looking to turn Treasure Island – a 400-acre man-made structure halfway across the bay Bridge, between Oakland and San Francisco – into a model of sustainability. The island, a former naval base decommissioned eleven years ago, currently features low- to mid-income housing for about 1,400 residents mixed with military and industrial refuse. The revamped area will house over 13,000 people, and the superfund site will be cleaned and greened-up.

Pedal-Powered Car Gets Pulled Over by Toronto Police

A renegade form of alternative transportation was outlawed in Toronto when the 100 mg viagra driver of cialis pills cheapest price worldwide a pedal-powered car was pulled over by local police. (According to the cop, "The safety factor [of the vehicle] is….unsafe.") The car, which uses muscle power in lieu of a motor, is propelled by four independent pedal and gear systems that are set inside of its metal body.

Amtrak Hopes to See More Green with Federal Funding, Increased Ridership

As fuel prices rise and air travel becomes more of a nuisance, Amtrak has become a more popular choice—especially among environmentally-conscious travelers who want to minimize their footprint. While trains are a lesser evil than cars or crowded, carbon-belching airplanes, Amtrak isn't without its concerns. The company is $3.3 billion dollars in debt and is asking the government for financial support. Amtrak "gets enough funding to survive, but not to flourish."


Carectomy Week-in-Review #4

Cars Make Us Fat

A recent article by No Impact Man reiterates what is perhaps the environmentalist’s most persuasive argument: What’s good for the planet is good for us. This is as true in our diet decisions (natural, wholesome foods versus packaged, processed, nutrient-stripped crap) as it is in our transportation selections.

Ditching the Car for a Motorboard in L.A.

We at Carectomy are always pleased to come across news of people making the car-free plunge. But when the news comes from Los Angeles, the quintessential car-centric, freeway-laden American city, there’s an extra degree of joy. Kathryn Pope’s surgical tools for her carectomy: public transportation, car-sharing for “special occasions” via Flexcar, and a motorboard for local scurries.

Bike-Sharing Programs Coming Our Way

Lyon and Paris, France, offer the successful bike-sharing models that other cities are scrambling to copy. Their Velo'v and Vélib programs, respectively, offer thousands of bikes available for checkout at automated stations all over the levitra online switzerland city. Here’s a partial recap of get levitra in canada some of the U.S. bike-sharing initiatives underway.


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