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DEC 19

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"If I lived in Tahoe, I'd love to have a bike like this one...."

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Ktrak SnowBike


Well, since we've been talking about odd bikes lately, and I mentioned that the weather was discouraging my bike-riding habits this winter, I figured I should bring you all an innovation in snow-biking, the Ktrak.

Very simply, the Ktrak has regular wheels for summer days, but if every you want to take the bike out in some packed snow, just pop on the included front-ski and rear snow-tread. The resulting vehicle looks a heck of a lot like a bare-bones, human powered snowmobile. Frankly, the world could use a couple fewer snowmobiles, and I hope the Ktrak has that affect.
Via Engadget
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written by Hamish, December 20, 2006
I would have thought it is hard to beat crosscountry skis for simplicity and efficiency when moving over snow?
snowy places
written by Celia, January 26, 2007
If I lived in Tahoe, I'd love to have a bike like this one.

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