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DEC 05

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"Nice, gotta love the Android support, lol...."

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Copenhagen Wheel Hits the Streets

A few years back, the 'Copenhagen Wheel' was one of a few innovations in cycling that were being proposed to try to make bicycle commuting easier. While it was just a concept in 2010, it is now a real product, with pre-orders being offered by manufacturer Superpedestrian.

The Copenhagen Wheel is a combination battery and only today viagra best buy motor that is installed on a Single Speed or 9/10 Speed Free Hub bicycle, converting it into an electric bike with a range of up to buy viagra online in uk 50 km (31 mi) and a top speed of 25 mph (in the US; 25 km/h in the EU). It also provides regenerative braking and Bluetooth connectivity and iOS and Android integration.

For now, Superpedestrian is we choice bestellen viagra online only selling the Copenhagen Wheel alone, so you'll need to provide your own bike to mount it on. However, the company says that they will soon be selling bikes already equipped with the Copenhagen Wheel. The early-bird pricing for the Copenhagen Wheel is $699 (regular price will be $799 according to the website).

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written by gmoke, December 06, 2013
One local Cambridge bike mechanic who handled one of the prototypes told me it weighed about 65 pounds. I hope that the weight has been significantly reduced in the production models.
written by Ben, December 08, 2013
how can 25mph = 25 kmh???
Not conversion
written by P Proefrock, December 10, 2013
It's not a conversion error; they list the different max speeds for it (which was why I noted the US/EU distinction, as well).

I suspect that there's something regulatory behind the purchase cheapest viagra difference.
President want to be..
written by moe, December 10, 2013
Well, as a bicycle enthusiast for many yrs I have a question, how good is this gadget on slopes and hills? No mention anywhere. Probably great on flat geography but...
written by Susan, December 14, 2013
I think you should have used the term 'on flat topography' instead of 'on flat geography' because then your statement makes a little bit more sense.

I personally would be afraid of these wheels because what happens if the battery acid leaks out while you are pedalling? The batteries would also weigh a lot and the additional mass of the bike would mean an upgrade to the braking system would be required.
@ Susan
written by Danger mouse, December 15, 2013
Dear Susan - shame your pedantry about Moe's language doesn't extend to cheap tramadol fedex overnight your understanding of cialis us pharmacy battery technology. The wheel does not contain a lead-acid battery - if it did it would need a small trailer to carry enough batteries to store the energy. It has a NiMH battery . The same reason you don't have to worry about your phone leaking acid into your ear.smilies/cheesy.gif
RE: Weight
written by Tony, December 16, 2013
Specs (on the bottom of their website) indicate WEIGHT 5.9 kg / 13 lbs
@Danger mouse
written by Susan, December 22, 2013
Well, leaking metal hydrides would not be very nice either, so I don't think I would ever purchase one of these expensive wheels. The cost of the wheel would pay for several very nice bicycles or go a long way towards running a small car for long time.

These types of products are just trying to cash in on hipster consumerism.
written by Marketspan, December 27, 2013
@gmoke That is right it would be very nice if they think about weight.
written by Sklep Motoryzacyjny Wrocław, December 28, 2013
Isnt 699 a bit too much ? Don't you think it will scare people and they will not buy this device ? I think inventors could find some grant or something like that and lower this price. Especially if they think worldwide.
written by Kitay, December 30, 2013
While it may seem to be a bit pricey to some, for those that commute and buy now cialis wish to buy levitra now use a bike, this will be well worth it. You can still be a cyclist without needing a shower when you get to the office.

written by Dawg, January 03, 2014
I wonder how much emissions are made when these things are in use. The batteries probably have some venting mechanism to allow gas pressure to stabilise. If the batteries did not have a vent then they would represent an explosion risk.

What kind of gases do these bikes emit in general use?
written by GemmaH, January 29, 2014
Nice, gotta love the Android support, lol.

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