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OCT 13

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"is their a name for energy made by magnets passing in and buying levitra in canada out of a coi..."

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DIY Human-Powered Tic Tac Light

Oh Instructables, how you please me! Someone has put together an amazing tutorial on how to make your own shake light out of a ball point pen, a tic tac container, a refrigerator magnet, some wire, some cheap electronics, a switch and (if you want it to stay on while you're not shaking it) a rechargeable battery.

Not only is this made mostly out of trash, it's totally an self-sufficient and long-lasting flashlight. Hats off the all the MacGyvers of the world, this is an awesome project for any DIY minded EcoGeek.
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pretty small
written by Celia, January 12, 2007
I like this idea. I especially like the cheapest price for cialis size of it.
written by kodi, November 17, 2008
is their a name for energy made by magnets passing in and out of a coil??

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