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JUN 03

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Charge Your Gadgets While You Walk or Ride

Tremont Electric has created a kinetic energy-based charger called the nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator). What's nifty about this charger compared to other kinetic energy harvesters is that it immediately converts kinetic energy to electricity and feeds it to rx tramadol your gadgets instead of storing the energy and then charging.

The PEG can charge the average portable device up to 80 percent with an hour's worth of movement. What's better is that you don't need to strap the PEG onto yourself to harness the kinetic energy. It can be placed in your backpack or purse or strapped to your bike or kayak and derive the same energy. You can even use it while standing on the subway or bus.

The device weighs 9 ounces and is 9 inches long by 1.5 inches in diameter. To use it, you simply plug your phone, MP3 player or other device directly into the PEG via USB cable and start moving.

Tremont claims that if everyone with portable devices used the PEG for an hour every day instead of plugging into the grid, enough energy would be saved to power 21,000 households for a year.

You can sign up to be notified when the PEG is available for pre-order here.

via CNET

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written by Sam, June 03, 2009
This is great! I can charge my ipod or my computer while walking around my high school, and I walk A LOT! Thanks for the tip :)
written by solargroupies, June 03, 2009
This is the new generation of charging devices that will liberate people from the grid. We sell products like these and aim to levitra femele sell these as soon as they are commercially available.
written by Ross, June 04, 2009
I'd like to see an analysis of how long someone would need to use this to recover the energy used in the design, manufacture and cialis oral gel shipping of only for you free cialis sample these devices. I'm guessing it's longer than the lifespan of this device. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great device if you "need" to charge your iPod while kayaking, but from an environmental standpoint I'm pretty skeptical.
written by wÒÓ†, June 04, 2009
I'd like to see an analysis of how long someone would need to use this to recover the energy used in the design and manufacturing of new power plants. I'm guessing it's longer than the lifespan of the plant. Don't get me wrong, I think power plants are great, if you "need" to charge your iPod while at home, but from an environmental standpoint I'm pretty skeptical.
This doesn't save ANY energy when used i
written by John Martinez, June 04, 2009
Ok, if you walk/hike/whatever, this is genuine viagra low prices kind of cool. But while it is true that you *can* use it standing on the subway or on the bus, it's not going to save any energy that way. If anything, it will waste energy, because your portable gadgets will effectively be getting charged by the engine on the bus or train - with an extra conversion inefficiency throw in to convert that kinetic energy back into electricity. No free lunch.
written by Stacey Spencer, June 04, 2009
This is a nifty device that will come in handy, especially with the different electrical gadgets I use.
This is interesting in terms of its effects on the environment.
written by re dick u buy generic soft tab viagra lous!, June 05, 2009
john martinez- yah that subway train will really be taxed what with it carrying an extra 9 ounces!
give me a break!
How does it work?
written by jinks, June 05, 2009
Does anyone know if this is simply a hand held induction charger with one coil of wire in the outer cylinder and another in the inner peg?
Just a gadget for the GreenTard market
written by Gorton, June 06, 2009
As if these things will do anything for the planet. They are just another consumer toy packaged for the GreenTard market.
energy while standing still
written by mefnj, June 09, 2009
i understanding that movement of a person can make energy... but how to these things make energy when they are being held steady while standing? or when attached to a bike or kayak... while the kayak may rock, the bike likely sways much much less. the company website has no technical info, just a lot of green-PR. i'm skeptical as well.
written by LC, June 10, 2009
To those who are skeptical, you are right to were to get viagra be! the device costs 150$. Now how much time would you have to use the device to reach the break even point? Let's calculate:

A typical cell phone uses about 4 Watts of power per hour. The cost of 1kWh is around 10 cents (depending on viagra how much where you live). Let's say it takes you 2 hours to get a full charge (compared to the PEG who claims that 1 hours will provide your device with 80% of its charge) So charging your device for 2 hour from your electrical outlet will cost you:

$0.0008 or 0.0004 per hour

So how many hours could you charge your phone for 150$?

150/0.0004 = 375,000 hours!!!!!

that is over 15,000 days, over 2200 weeks, over 40 years!!!!

That means for you to recoup the cost of your nPower PEG, you would need to use it for over 40 years continuously!

That is ridiculous. Not to mention all the wasted energy and pollution that went into creating the device in the first place to be "ecofriendly".

If you want to cheap cialis soft do yourself a favour, AND mother earth, don't buy this product.
written by N.T. Nair, June 11, 2009
The price of $150 is too high. Are they charging a skimming price?
40 years for cost recovery and energy and material spent on making the device are definitely deterrents to its acceptance.
In fact, some standards should be set by agencies like IEEE for these so-called ècofriendly` devices such that public are not easily carried away by the initial propaganda.
N T Nair, EKL
Practical Chargers
written by JacktheEcoManiac, June 11, 2009
Cool idea, though the skepticism is warranted. Check out for practical charging solutions. For example, a handheld wind and solar charger for WAY less than the $150 apparently required for a PEG.
Price ??
written by CP, June 22, 2009
We should encourage new technology. the $150 price is now but wont it drop drop drop when in large scale production and with many companies making it. The $150 seems arbitrary to use for making calculations. This is early days we need to know more about it.
written by Fred, July 17, 2009
very convenient
Trees Waves, Backyard Windmills Exploitable!
written by Uncle B, September 09, 2009
The waves on the lake at the cottage?, The boughs of trees in the wind? Lawn ornament windmills? All sources of power with a few of these and some "Velcro"! Great idea, I think I'll try strapping one to a bobbing balloon in the breezes in my backyard!
written by EcoChampion, December 07, 2009
This is an fantastic gadget. I really want one for Christmas
Expensive? Yes, but worth it!
written by Ecir Nodnarb, December 31, 2009
I would easily blow $150 on this gadget. If it really charges a device in an hour, this device would essentially take my phone off the grid. If I'm stranded (no grid), at night (no solar), all I have to do is move for an hour to charge my phone, which has GPS/talk that will get me to safety/help. Don't laugh at the scenario. The scenario may not be your scenario, but the scenario alone would justify the cost. Now that's sustainability.

Hopefully early adopters like myself, will finance this technology and drive the price down for all the eco-whiners that can't see the obvious benefits of this technology. Eventually the price will become cheap enough and levitra in uk miniaturized to the point of being in every mobile device. Now imagine the power savings that would make.

Imagine a world without a bijillion chargers that only fit one of your devices in order to line the pockets of the merchandizing corporations. USB has made huge progress toward standardizing device power, but PEG would make even more progress toward truely mobile devices. Mobility=Sustainability.
written by ecolover, January 14, 2010
This is awesome! Saving the earth and txting!!!!! I wonder where i can get one.
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written by Janx, July 03, 2013
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