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JAN 02

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Soleckshaw: India’s Solar Rickshaw

Anyone who has traveled to India knows about the massive amount of viagra best price chaotic traffic on the buying viagra in london streets. Crossing the road in Delhi is a terrifyingly heart-stopping adventure. Instead of motorcycles and canadian pharmacy viagra scam cars, many people opt for the conveniences of a rickshaw. But, this being the 21st century, some inventors have come up with a version that’s a little more high tech than the old pedal-driven kind.

The Soleckshaw is still in the trial stages, but the solar powered rickshaw has already people talking and contemplating what the 100mg viagra technology could do if these vehicles replace the human-powered kind. The Indian prototype by the Center for Science and Industrial Research has been running in trial stages since October. The dual-powered cycle operates by pedal power and a 36 V 240-350 W battery that gets charged at a solar charging station. It has a carbon footprint of zero, so it doesn’t pollute any more than the traditional version.

The solar version reaches a pretty impressive speed of about 15 kilometres per hour and, fully-charged, the battery can keep going for 50-70 kilometres. The goal is to develop the current four Soleckshaws into more advanced models in time for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

If a manufacturer is found to mass produce the Soleckshaws, however, some worry that they would be too expensive for most rickshaw pullers. Each Soleckshaw is expected to click here where can i purchase levitra cost 2.5 times more than the traditional ones, though the Indian government has offered guaranteed loans for drivers who want to buy them. It’s also unclear who will pay at the solar charging stations will the drivers be expected to pay for their own electricity?

Modeled in some ways after the SolarCab, which was developed in London and set to launch next year, the rickshaw will also be outfitted with solar panels on its roof. But with a unique decorative flair of their own, the Soleckshaws have animated Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck stickers painted on their sides. An added bonus of the solar rickshaw is that the battery can recharge riders’ mobile phones as they zip from one destination to the next.

Image via Treehugger
Via: Ecoworldly and India’s Department of Science & Technology

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written by Francis, January 02, 2009
It's awesome that India is starting to make solar powered vehicles. I wish the United States would look more into solar energy as an alternative to coal and oil. Also I know that the Chevy Volt should be on how can i buy viagra in canada the market soon, but really, there should be a lot more research going on for creating and manufacturing electric vehicles. Oh well, it's a start.
written by R.Sajan, January 02, 2009
If only the petro-interests would let countries like India go solar!
emissions aren't everything
written by jack, January 03, 2009
Sorry but a bicycle is still better for the environment. Tailpipe emissions (and global warming) are not the viagra generic canada only environmental concern.
carbon footprint of zero?
written by Bryan, January 03, 2009
Manufacturing the solar panels and other parts creates CO2 emissions, so there is no way this has a "carbon footprint of zero."

And previous poster is right, emissions aren't the only concern...
written by Aristedes DuVal, January 03, 2009
Smaller is Bigger! De-centralization of power production. Note: All Nuclear power plants are deliberately designed to get levitra online leak.
written by Clinch, January 03, 2009
Only 2.5 times more?
I would have thought the additional cost of electric motors, batteries, and solar panel would have been many times the cost of what is very good site uk cialis essentially a bicycle with a bit more metal.

And what advantages does this have over normal rickshaws? Because if the higher initial costs mean the driver has to charge the customer more (to make up for the higher initial costs), and there's no advantage to them, then the cheap tramadol with free shipping customer would just take the cheaper alternative.

Also, is there's the issues that these wouldn't work early or late in the day (i.e when the sun is low in the sky), shadows from buildings, and the weather.
written by weide, January 03, 2009
wow, technology has transform even the most traditional but still profitable way of earning to something that are high tech.
local producers
written by tim stewart, January 03, 2009
At first glance this appears to be a great idea. Why not use technology to upgrade if in theory it is a carbon neutral process.
Having spent some time in India, particularly Delhi,cruising the streets via bicycle rickshaw I understand how this form of transportation is so integral to the city. Additionally, I am aware of the large number of Indians who make a living connected in some way to the cycle rickshaw business. Not only would this transformation directly impact the cyclists themselves, local producers and local repair peoples would lose business or likely be put out of levitra for sale business were this shift to occurr. I think it makes sense to assess how such a shift would affect local peoples before replacing the cialis online pharmacy usa already functional bicycle rickshaw business with a more costly auto one. Local business men and women who make a living repairing, producing parts etc are truly the ones at risk in this situation.
As cliche as the saying goes, don't fix what's not broken, it seems to fit this case quite aptly. Why replace a perfectly functional highly sustainable method of transportation with one whose benefits at best may only be marginally better (sometimes). Something to think about...
Hybrid Vehicles - Human Power/Electricit
written by Mary Helen, January 14, 2009
Hmmm. Food for thought, at least. When a human powers a rickshaw, he/she must eat enough food to be able to provide the energy to discount viagra levitra be able to pedal all over town all day. Their diet is vegetarian, so possibly they need to eat more since vegetable diets are less callorie-dense than omnivore diets. I have gone on some 50 to 60 mile bicycle trips in a single day, carrying only my own body around. At the end of the day I was hot, tired and stinky. I had huge breakfasts, lunches and suppers to supply the carbs to replace my energy stores for the next day of 50 to 60 miles across Oklahoma. I don't know how I would be able to function if I were to have to pedal around a rickshaw with two additional people in horrific traffic, stifling heat and try to make enough money to buy viagra cialis feed my family and provide enough extra food to fuel my body to get out there and do it all over again every day. The Americas (North, Central and South) used (and abused) human-power for the first 400 years after Columbus arrived here. I have no problem un-enslaving rickshaw drivers in India from the grueling work they must do price of cialis to eek out a living, especially since their energy needs will be enhanced by clean sun power. More power to 'em!
written by Fred, July 17, 2009
interesting way to carry passengers
Solar Charging Stations
written by Uncle B, January 07, 2010
Large solar arrays with batteries for accumulation to acquire free energy all day, then when rickshaw is parked overnight charging takes place - big capital outlay! How about Wind? Nuclear, the thorium bed sort of reactor India is famous for? but not your weaponizing American ones - too dirty! But first: Interview existing rickshaw drivers and see if they are happy and content with the status quo! They themselves, may not invite change and hegimonious and xenophobic outsiders might be interfering! Remember America: Upon getting their freedom, some blacks with good owners did not want the change,and stayed on with their owners in a happiness only they understood - even the Bible is explicit in this. American - do not "fix" what is not broken! Mind your own business! America and its ways are failing tragically as we speak! They really do not know it all, and the end of "Cheap light crude" in the world will reveal this in grand form! American: You are not sustainable today! You use the "Oil Lever" to enhance your EROI (Energy Return on Investment) and when the oil is gone, so are you, big fat assed, blustering military and all!The Rickshaw driver will continue long after you have disappeared from the face of the earth,and was there long before Columbus ever sailed, as a sustainable entity with a balanced EROI! Don't teach him, learn from him! Great arrogant bombastic smart-ass egotist! He has you beat! Your phony dollar scam ponzie scheme about to explode in your fatted-calf faces, and China holding the balance of economic power over your great fat heads, you stand ready to altruistically criticize, through your distorted view,your propagandized logic, even the lowly rickshaw driver! Even God has forsaken your daughters, on in four having STD's (no virgins in sight) ages 12 to 18, and you, immoral pigs of the world tell us how things should be? I suppose it is easier to externalize than to look truthfully on yourselves and place your critiques there? Sad animals,you of the Western "civilization" you have a lot to learn from Asians yet, and painful lessons too!
Solar technology
written by Charudutta, May 17, 2010
Hello,Please provide me with the details of a solar powered rickshaw.I would like to implement a Project in India.Also let me know with whom I could speak in detail about the way forward.

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