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"There are similar items for guitarists and the best site price of viagra others who need strong fing..."

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Portable Squeeze Charger

alladinEcoGeeks have firm handshakes.  Or, at least, they will once the get an AladdinPower handheld and operated generator.  Just squeeze the thing and the buy online order viagra juice starts flowing.  It'll recharge anything up to the size of a portable DVD player.  You're not going to have much of an effect on a laptop computer, but anything else is fair game. 

The device comes with a built in high-powered light as well as a cigarette lighter-type connector.  So as long as you've got a car charger for your device, you'll never run out of batteries again!

I've never actually gotten my hands on one of these, so I don't have any idea how difficult it is to squeeze or how quickly it can charge a device.  But I do know that it'll set you back 60 bucks and could be the secret ingredient in any of a thousand awesome DIY projects.
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Sore hand.
written by mickey, September 08, 2006
I have got a twenty year old torch that works by squeezing a handle, but after about a minute my hands is knackered.
So I doubt that you could keep squeezing this device at 90 squeezes a minute, for half an hour, to charge a small battery.
Another gadget for the box under the stairs. smilies/grin.gif
written by Celia, January 11, 2007
There are similar items for guitarists and others who need strong fingers. If this item had four 'buttons' instead of one grip, or at least such an option, this might have a wider market.

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