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JUN 06

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"The handcrank thing doesn't impress me that much. 2 minutes of crankin..."

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Old-Fashioned Hand Crank Powers New-Fangled Gadgets

Datexx SuperBattery is an all-encompassing solution to most any battery-operated gadget with a USB connection. Here I sit with wires spewing out of cialis 10 mg my laptop – iPod, digital camera, PDA…and rather than suck power from my computer, which in turn sucks electricity from the grid, I could plug these gadgets into the SuperBattery, crank away, and get powered batteries and only for you express viagra delivery powerful biceps at the same time. Who needs a Wii Fit?

The 600mA Mega Power Battery provides instant power - if fully charged, that amounts to basically a fully charged cell phone battery. If you’re feeling lazy, you can charge the SuperBattery via its AC adapter, though the whole point seems to be to get away from wall plug-ins.

It does require quite a bit of cranking – you have to put in 2 minutes of effort to get 6 minutes of talk time for your cell phone, and should you need to crank while talking, you run the risk of being hung up on as some sort of heavy breathing pervert. Should you be looking for this kind of exercise, you might want to go bionic instead and charge up while on buy viagra online order a walk. But, for something useful to have during power outages or on trips, it’s a pretty handy sidekick. And no new gadget is legit without having a few extra “and it cooks too!” features – the SuperBattery has a built-in flashlight! If you like this kind of wind-up toy, there are others to play with.

Via Inhabitat

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written by Rajesh, June 28, 2008
The handcrank thing doesn't impress me that much. 2 minutes of cranking for 6min of cell phone? Sounds pretty shitty. However, if they could make it in the form of a spinning bicycle that you could get your daily workout on, now you could start some serious recharging.

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